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5 Ways to Stay Motivated This Winter

As the days get shorter and colder, it’s tempting to hunker down and binge watch Netflix instead of hitting the gym. Don’t let winter steal your fitness motivation! Try these tips to stay active throughout the season.

Invest in Some Cute (and Functional) Outerwear
It’s so much easier to gear up for a workout when you just need shorts and a t-shirt. As the temperature drops, shop for a few good cold weather exercise outfits. Opt for layers, and choose something you feel good in! Sometimes a new outfit is enough to get you excited about getting outside again.

Try a New Activity
It may seem like the gym is your only option for a workout during the winter, but cold weather provides lots of fun outdoor ways to stay in shape. To avoid falling into a rut and getting bored, try a new activity this season! Snow shoeing and cross country skiing both burn a lot of calories. Take a lesson or two and then head out on your own.

Walk a Dog
Volunteer interest at animal shelters tends to drop during the colder months, but dogs still need exercise even when it’s cold and grey outside. Make a weekly commitment to walk dogs at your local humane society; it will be much harder to stay inside on your couch when you know there is a cute pup waiting to exercise with you!

Work Out at Home
Some days the weather is just too gross to leave the house. For those times when it’s sleeting or the temperature dips below zero and you just can’t bring yourself to go out, have a home backup plan. There are tons of DVDs and online streaming services that have workouts you can do in your living room with little to no equipment.

Find a Workout Buddy
Recruit a fitness-loving friend to be your workout partner. Having someone else to hold you accountable can be the best motivation; you won’t just be letting yourself down if you don’t make it to the gym, you’ll be leaving your friend hanging too.

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