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A Last Resort Yields an Amazing Transformation: Ricardo’s Sono Bello Story

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2019 was coming to an end, and Ricardo had a big goal for 2020: get rid of his stubborn lower belly fat. ⁠

He’d been trying since his early 30s, and he was almost 45. He was fed up with putting in the work and not seeing results.

“I tried numerous supplements and extreme workouts. It just wasn’t realistic for me. It was unhealthy,” he says.

He turned to clothes to hide his body.

“I wore a lot of black clothing,” Ricardo reveals. “Nowadays, with fashion, everything is fitted. I couldn’t wear a lot of it.”

He often missed out on activities and experiences because he felt too insecure about his body to participate in them. He says, “I hid behind the barbecue grill instead of going in the pool when people came over my house.”

On top of that, he was sick of spending his free time at the gym ⁠— free time he barely had between working full-time and being a single dad to two teenagers.

When he found Sono Bello, he was working out three times per week by swimming, weightlifting, and doing other low-impact activities.

He was also following a special pescatarian meal plan, eating small meals frequently throughout the day.

It was a lot to manage, but that’s just how determined Ricardo was to transform his body.

“At 45 years old, everything starts to slow down… but mentally, I don’t want to slow down! I want to stay fit and young at heart,” says Ricardo.

He received Sono Bello’s TriSculpt procedure to remove the extra flab from his abdomen. Finally, he was on the road to getting the body of his dreams ⁠— but his work wasn’t done.

“Having the procedure can feel discouraging at first because after it you see your body swollen,” he says. “It can be tough on your mind. But you just have to be patient. It just comes with the territory.”

Now, months after the procedure, Ricardo has made immense progress. He says he feels much stronger mentally and physically ⁠— and that Sono Bello kick-started it all.

Ricardo says he’s looking forward to his new life ahead. He’s motivated to continue working out, building muscle, and making progress. He’s always been active ⁠— but now, his body finally shows it.

“Most men don’t go through liposuction or cosmetic surgery procedures, but in this day in age it’s more acceptable,” Ricardo says. He’s extremely thankful for that ⁠— because Sono Bello was the push he needed to achieve the life of his dreams.

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