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Dawn's New Reflection

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 “I saw a difference right away. I had my curves back right away and then every day the results just got better and better!”

Sono Bello patients often bring a loved one with them to their initial consultation. Many people feel nervous when they first come in, and having someone there to support them can be reassuring. Often when this happens, their friend or family member is so impressed with Sono Bello they end up scheduling their own consultation! That’s exactly what happened with our featured patient Dawn and her husband.

Dawn never had trouble with her weight until she turned 45. Suddenly, no matter what she did she wasn’t able to shrink her waistline. Her usually curvy figure had turned boxy, and the extra weight in her waist was extremely stubborn. Dawn’s usual workouts and diet did nothing to shrink it.

When she first saw a Sono Bello commercial, she was struck by how easy the procedure seemed. She decided to schedule a free consultation, and brought her husband, Brian, along with her for the consult. They both couldn’t believe how simple the process was and how comfortable they felt at the office. After Dawn’s consultation, Brian scheduled his own!

Dawn is thrilled with the results of her procedure. She used to wear sweatpants to hide her figure, but now she’s back to her old favorite outfits and says they fit better than ever. Rather than hiding beneath baggy clothes, she jokes that now she spends too much time looking in the mirror! She loves her new silhouette, and so does her husband.

“I like looking in the mirror now!”

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