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Deborah Was Tired of Hiding Lower Belly Fat

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Beginning her self-improvement journey 

Deborah worked hard to maintain a strong body and a healthy BMI. She lived an active lifestyle, ate clean, went to the gym, and even boxed competitively. Even though Deborah is fit and athletic, due to metabolism and genetics, she had a layer of stubborn fat on her lower abdomen that just wouldn’t burn off.  

Even when she was at her ideal weight, the excess body fat remained. As a result, she was forced to hide her belly underneath layers of clothing. The hassle of concealing her problem areas only made her feel worse about the issue. As Deborah puts it, “I was able to hide my belly from everybody else, but I still saw it every day!”  

Finally fed up with hiding her body, Deborah decided to explore surgical options to help flatten her stomach. 

Why Sono Bello? 

After watching and reading testimonials from women like her who had gone through Sono Bello transformations, Deborah felt confident that it was the right solution for her. The results that patients were able to achieve with laser liposuction convinced her that it was well worth a consultation.  

After her initial conversation with our patient education team, she decided to book an appointment at our Woburn, MA location to permanently remove her belly fat. Looking back, Deborah says, “It was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself.”  

About the surgery 

Deborah’s liposuction surgery was mainly focused on her lower abdomen area, but she also had her lower back and waist done as well. This full-spectrum slimming down of her belly, back, and waist yielded amazing results as you can see in her before and after photo.  

The difference in the form of Deborah’s body after her procedure is truly incredible. The stubborn fat just disappeared. After her surgery, she said, “Sono Bello didn’t just give me a flatter stomach, Sono Bello gave me back myself!” 

The road to recovery  

Given her avid workout routine, it was tough for Deborah to take a couple of days off to rest. But she got through the recovery period nicely and quickly got back to her active schedule.  

Now that she’s healed, her confidence has increased exponentially. She says, “This is where I believe that Sono Bello has made the most impact on me. My self-confidence is through the roof! I hold my head higher, I work out harder, I believe in myself more! I bought myself a two-piece bathing suit for the summer of 2022. It’s not a bikini, but the skin on my stomach has never been exposed until now! My self-confidence is so much more than it ever was!” 

Life after lipo 

Since the surgery, Deborah says that she feels unstoppable. She lives each day to the fullest, taking advantage of her newfound confidence to participate in activities that she was too self-conscience to take part in before.  

She’s on track to obtain her personal trainer’s license in the spring of this year and now feels like – given her success in improving her body – she can really help others to do the same.  

With the spring months approaching, she looks forward to getting outside more often. She plans on going for plenty of walks and runs in new outfits that show off her body. Overall, the impact on her quality of life has been tremendous and we’re overjoyed that we could play a part in helping Deborah realize her full potential.  

To anybody considering having a liposuction procedure, Deborah’s advice is “Don’t wait! It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on myself.” 

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