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For Her, TriSculpt Micro-Laser Liposuction Was Low Anxiety, High Return

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Before Charyssa discovered Sono Bello, she’d been trying to lose stubborn fat ⁠for years — and she felt defeated. 

She tried treadmill workouts, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), juice cleanses, B12 shots, and the fat wouldn’t go. Despite her dedication and discipline, her problem areas remained unsolved. 

Since her body wasn’t responding to natural fat-loss methods, Charyssa decided to seek professional help. 

Exploring fat removal treatments

After researching a few options, Charyssa booked an appointment to get laser liposuction (not from Sono Bello), thinking the procedure would give her the extra push she needed to achieve her fitness goals.

The surgery went well, but she was disappointed with the final results. “The surgery just didn’t work for me,” Charyssa says.

After this unsatisfying experience, she looked into other cosmetic fat loss methods and discovered CoolSculpting. She considered pursuing this treatment but was put off when her mom, who had recently undergone CoolSculpting, received underwhelming results.

“My mom tried CoolSculpting, but it didn’t work for her,” says Charyssa. Not wanting to take her chances on another unreliable method, she needed to find a more promising way to eliminate her stubborn fat.

Her early experiences with liposuction and body contouring discouraged her and made her feel anxious about trying another operation.

“I have very high anxiety all the time,” explains Charyssa. She wanted to find staff who made her feel comfortable. She wanted to find a non-invasive method that worked. And most of all, she wanted to find a reputable facility with credible doctors that could actually help her achieve great results.

Why Sono Bello?

Ultimately, Charyssa chose Sono Bello because we were “trusted and reputable,” which helped ease her anxiety about the procedure. She read pages and pages of reviews from real patients, and their positive experiences encouraged her to give liposuction another chance.

She built up the confidence to go in for a consultation with our patient education team at the Beverly Hills location. Once she arrived at the office, she said, “The staff, nurses, and doctors made me feel super comfortable. They answered all my questions.” 

This warm and reassuring welcome made Charyssa feel confident that she was making the right decision going with Sono Bello. The transparent, straightforward consultative process was exactly what she was looking for. 

“Everything was seamless from start to finish,” says Charyssa. “It started with initial consultation, then went to pre-op. I have no complaints ⁠— everyone was super informative!”

About her surgery

Charyssa received TriSculpt micro-laser liposuction on her most stubborn problem areas, the upper and lower abdomen, love handles, and bra roll. She says the first few days following the procedure were uncomfortable, but the pain quickly subsided after that. 

Life after lipo

After just one month of rehabilitation, she saw tremendous results. This motivated her to keep up the progress and keep working towards her dream body.

“I’m looking forward to getting back into my HIIT training,” says Charyssa. “It’ll be fun to see how my body responds and how it looks now compared to before!”

Charyssa is also excited to get dressed up and show off her slim waist and flat abs. She thanks Sono Bello for helping her feel more confident in herself. “It’s been fun to wear things that I wouldn’t have ever worn before this,” she exclaims.

Overall, Charyssa recommends TriSculpt micro-laser liposuction at Sono Bello to anyone looking to get results.

“My experience has been very positive,” she says. “When I wake up, I feel lighter. And every day, I’m shedding inches and weight.”

And to those who want to try Sono Bello but feel anxious about taking the plunge, Charyssa offers this advice: “I want them to know to not be afraid — it’s not as scary as it seems. It’s easy and seamless. And it goes by much faster than you think.”

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