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From Surviving to Thriving: Jody's Transformation

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“I felt like I had an active lifestyle, but I didn’t feel like my body matched.”

 Jody is a mother, recently married, and had been active her whole life. She is a former athlete who also loves recreational sports such as hiking and golfing. Even though she’s lived an active lifestyle, she’d always had problem areas.

“No matter how much I worked out, watched what I ate…I still always had the momma pooch.” Jody felt frustrated because the gym wasn’t getting her the results she wanted. Then Jody found out she had breast cancer and she began to gain weight from chemotherapy treatments. As a result of those treatments, Jody felt tired and wasn’t able to keep up with the exercise she had been used to.

As she’s gotten older, Jody has noticed her body change. “I just noticed a difference in the composition of my body even where I used to just have the momma pooch.” Now she has “upper belly fat” and she felt as if she couldn’t get rid of those areas.

Jody did not give up and kept trying to push herself to get her body to where she wanted it to be. She dieted and exercised and was able to lose 12 pounds, but her problem areas would not go away. Jody was frustrated with her routine and not getting rid of those areas.

Then Sono Bello caught her eye. Jody had micro-laser liposuction done on her upper and lower abdomen, waist, and hips. “About two weeks after my procedure when the swelling went down, I looked in the mirror and I had abs and I was so excited!”

Jody finally felt like her body was in line with her lifestyle of exercise, working out, and eating healthy. She got to wear her dream wedding dress and bought 4 bikinis for her honeymoon!

“I felt so confident after Sono Bello.” She can now wear whatever she likes without feeling insecure. She felt as if she had to camouflage her stomach, but not anymore. Her friends and family have noticed and commented on her transformation. “And so that just made me feel really good!”

Jody is now looking forward to retiring and traveling the world with her husband!

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