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It's Your Turn!

It’s so common for women to put their own priorities below those of others. Whether it’s a busy career, the demands of family life, or the chaos of everyday responsibilities, it’s easy to lose your sense of self and forget to prioritize your own health and happiness. The amazing women featured in our latest video all made the brave choice to do something big for themselves. They all reached a point where they decided “It’s my turn!” Check out their inspirational stories. 


As a nurse, and a mother of three, Anne spends her life taking care of others. As she got older, she became extremely self-conscious of her chin and neck area. With encouragement from her daughters, she decided to call Sono Bello and make a positive change for herself! 

“I would look in the mirror and say ‘who is that person?’… I wanted the outside to match the inside. I’ve spent 60 years saying no, I’m not saying no anymore!” – Anne, 61


Jolie has always been young at heart. She’s passionate about the outdoors and loves to ride her bicycle and go for adventures on her motorcycle. After retiring, she began to feel like her outside age didn’t match her inside age, and she knew it was time for a change.

“That feeling of being weighted down. I need something, I need to get out of this rut…I was going through my phone and I saw Sono Bello….I sent a picture to my sister… and she could not believe what she saw. It’s like a new life…. Here I come!” – Jolie, age 63 


After a long career working for one company, Michelle found herself job hunting for the first time in years. She decided to put herself first and make a positive change, so she called Sono Bello. 

“I was amazed at how many people said ‘you look radiant, you look fabulous, what are you doing?…I’m so excited for the future.” – Michelle, 50 

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