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Keep Your Summer Skin Healthy

The skin is your body’s biggest, most prominent organ. It is a barrier between you and the outer world and it takes a lot of beating up from our surrounding environment. It is essential that you take care of your skin with the utmost care for it to function properly and protect you. Sure, there are a lot of products available that keep skin supple and protected, but there are also ways that you can change your every day routine to keep your skin healthy.

Drink Plenty of Water
Water is an important element for your skin’s health. Water helps assist your skin in detoxification, keeping it clear and moisturized. With the summer heat, our skin cools our entire body by sweating and increasing blood flow in order to let heat be released. Thus, our bodies lose a lot of their fluid through sweat. Make it part of your daily routine to drink at least 8 ounces of water throughout the day to maintain a balance of moisture between your body and skin.

Exfoliation is key to maintaining clear and smooth skin during the summer months. Dead skin cells can build up on your skin causing dullness and congestion of pores. Exfoliating removes this debris and improves clarity and texture of skin. Follow exfoliation with moisturizing and make sure to apply SPF before going in the sun.

Take Cold Showers
Probably the easiest trick to making your skin glow this summer is swapping out a hot shower for a cold one. After a long day in the sun, hot showers remove oils from your skin causing it to dry out. Not only are cold showers refreshing and invigorating but they also clear pores of sweat and decrease the risk of acne breakouts. After showering, apply oils or moisturizers while your skin is still damp. This will prevent your skin from feeling tight after showering.

Maintain a Balanced Diet
Lastly, another important component of healthy skin is diet. By eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins, your skin will glow. Research suggests that a diet rich in Vitamin C and low in unhealthy fats will keep your skin supple and looking younger. There is also evidence suggesting that eating vitamins C and E from citrus, tomatoes, berries, and nuts can limit the potential of a sunburn. Foods like melon and cantaloupe are rich in antioxidants and hydrate your skin giving you a radiant complexion.

Implement these tips into your daily routine and enjoy your skin’s summer glow!

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