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Kelly is ready to be seen

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Kelly boils her decision to visit Sono Bello down to one thing: Fate.

At 32-years-old, Kelly was at a pass. With a successful career as a nurse in full swing, she was excited about all the new opportunities and goals she was yet to accomplish. However, she didn’t see that same energetic woman when she looked in the mirror. Instead of enjoying this time of her life, she was constantly self-conscious, hiding behind black and baggy clothes that would hide her midsection. 

After a year of thinking about a change, researching ways to get fit, and spending far too many hours in the gym with no results, she decided to visit Sono Bello. Now, she documents her journey through social media in the hopes of staying accountable for her new body and the investment she made in bettering herself. 

“My new and improved body holds me accountable for maintaining a healthier, more active, and social lifestyle,” says Kelly. “As a nurse, health and wellness are important, and now I can be relatable for my patients and encourage them too.” 

Why Sono Bello?

With her background in health and wellness, Kelly approached the decision to get liposuction very methodically: Find a surgeon you admire and a team that checks all your boxes. Initially, she found a plastic surgeon in Houston that she admired, but she admits, “I was too afraid to go through with it.” A year later, she was ready to try again and found Sono Bello. 

First and foremost, she had to make sure Sono Bello was right for her:

Was this procedure safe? Yes. 

Was there less downtime? Yes. 

Was the team calming and supportive? Absolutely. 

Then, she needed to make sure she trusted her surgeon. As luck would have it, the same surgeon Kelly almost visited three years earlier walks through the door: Dr. Atun.

It was fate, and Kelly never questioned her decision again. 

About Her Procedure

Kelly got our TriSculpt procedure to remove the fat from her upper and lower abdomen, waist, hips, and back bra roll. Kelly’s BMI was on the higher end of Sono Bello’s range, but that didn’t stop her team from removing as much excess fat as possible, leaving her with a smooth midsection.

“You have to be realistic with your goals,” Kelly says. “This isn’t a weight-loss procedure. So I knew I would have to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, focus on post-op care, and prepare for long-term maintenance.” 

Life after Liposuction

One month after surgery, Kelly is excited to feel and look like she always wanted. She walked out of her surgery already two sizes smaller, and she noticed her body continuing to change each day. 

“I feel like I can be seen again,” Kelly says. “You get to watch your new body transform right before your eyes!” 

Using her nursing background, Kelly takes steps to continue her healing journey to maximize long-term results. For example, she wears her compression garments, eats healthier, and stays active even with a hectic schedule. 

Kelly started her own YouTube channel to document her journey. Since visiting Sono Bello, she knew she could be a catalyst for good. “I began posting my process on YouTube to help encourage others to take the leap in bettering their bodies,” she says. “It will also continue to hold me accountable throughout my journey.” 

Kelly’s best advice to those interested in liposuction? “Trust the process,” she says. “I feel like a queen now!” 

You can follow Kelly as she documents her journey through her YouTube channel here

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