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Kim Is Confident for the First Time in 20 Years

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We see many mothers who come to Sono Bello a couple of years after giving birth, eager to lose the stubborn baby weight that pregnancy leaves behind. However, Kim’s journey to Sono Bello is a bit different.

After giving birth to her daughter nearly 20 years ago, she also received a full hysterectomy five years ago. She felt down about her body post-pregnancy, but with the addition of a total hysterectomy, she hated the extra fat that seemed to fill her upper stomach.

“After doing research for about five years, I was just ready to feel better about myself again,” Kim said.

Finding Sono Bello

Kim continued to try her best to lose stubborn fat over the last ten years. She dieted, exercised, and had a lap band put in several years ago. But, while she noticed the number on the scale would decrease, fat still lingered around her stomach and throughout her entire midsection.

For five years, Kim researched surgeries, companies, doctors, and more to find a good fit. Eventually, she found Sono Bello and realized she had found the right place for her. “I knew once I had my consultation that this was the place for me,” she said.

Partnering with our Westerville, OH center just outside of Columbus, Kim and her team decided that the best course of action to permanently remove the stubborn fat from her stomach would be AbEX with additional liposuction through her back.

Kim chose AbEX because the combination of liposuction and excess skin removal could give her the flat, tight stomach she wanted. Conversely, more traditional methods would only focus on one problem area at a time.

The 30-Day Difference

Kim is only one month post-op from her procedure but is already eager to show off. After her surgery, Kim went from a size twelve to a size eight and lost nearly four inches off her waist.

“My whole look is different,” Kim said. “I don’t mind looking at myself in a full-length mirror anymore. I kind of love it!”

AbEX opened up a whole new world for Kim. She returned to everyday activities within the first week and has been experimenting with clothes, trying on her daughter’s bikinis, and showing off her stomach.

“I am looking forward to going to a beach on vacation this summer,” she said. “I’m also looking forward to buying a new wardrobe since nothing fits anymore!”

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