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Mirina Looked to Optimize, Not Overhaul

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We look at transformations every day; it’s what we do! But when Mirina decided to get TriSculpt, it was a rare opportunity to follow a patient with a lower BMI who chose to use Sono Bello to optimize their body shape rather than remove as much fat as possible. 

Mirina always liked how her body looked, and confidence was never an issue. She spent time in the gym, ate well, and remained active. However, even people with their ideal body have little things they wish they could improve. For Mirina, it was her waist. She wanted more curves to enhance her naturally slender body, so she decided to get contouring help from Sono Bello. 

Why Sono Bello?

Mirina is a Sono Bello nurse. She works out of the Long Island office and knew that her team was intelligent, helpful, and created amazing transformations from day one. 

“I knew I was in good hands with this safe and effective procedure,” Mirina says. “I knew from day one that I made the best decision to work at Sono Bello and get surgery here as well.” 

Mirina worked for Sono Bello for about a year before she thought: “Maybe someday I will do something like this for myself.” Then, sooner than she realized, she had the opportunity at her fingertips, and she had to take it. 

Body Contouring Versus Fat Removal

Sometimes the gym, diet, and exercise can get you close to where you want to be but not quite give you the results you want. If you’re like Mirina, it’s helped you stay slender but never gave you the waist you wanted. 

She turned to waist trainers and excessive ab exercises to try and shrink her waist and give her more feminine curves. But, even with extra attention to her waist, Mirina wasn’t getting the results she wanted, so she turned to Sono Bello. 

Mirina walked in with a specific goal, to strategically take small amounts of fat from small areas to contour her body and create the illusion of a natural hourglass figure. With the help of her doctor and nurses at her center, they found the perfect plan: Remove fat from the waist and lower back but leave the abdomen untouched to give Mirina the hourglass figure she always wanted. 

After her procedure, Mirina lost about an inch off of her waist, finally giving her the curves she spent so long trying to create.  

Mirina’s Message to Potential Patients

As a Sono Bello nurse, Mirina has seen her share of transformations. After going through the process and getting first-hand experience as a patient, Mirina walked away with a few key reminders for those considering this procedure. 

“Trust your nurses, trust your surgeon, and most of all, trust the process,” Mirina says. She sees many patients exhaust themselves by worrying about results on day one. Instead, she suggests patients educate themselves on what to expect, and instead of looking for results immediately, focus on healing, and the results will come. 

“You can be comfortable in your skin by allowing professionals to help,” she says. “Going to Sono Bello can be the opportunity you’ve always been looking for to jump-start your healthier, better life.” 

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