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Nekia’s Self-Improvement Journey

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Nekia, a bodybuilder and dance instructor from Michigan, had two major reasons for undergoing liposuction surgery. First, she felt that her physical insecurities were holding her back from achieving her full potential. To be an effective teacher, leader, and role model, she needed to be optimistic and confident. As a fitness and dance instructor especially, the energy that she brought to her class would influence the energy of her students.

This is true for anyone in a position of influence. A leader’s emotions color the emotions of those around them. And Nekia didn’t want her self-consciousness to take away from her ability to inspire her trainees.

The second reason that she chose to pursue liposuction was much more personal. She wanted to feel sexy and confident for her significant other. In any romantic relationship, sexual attraction remains important throughout. How important varies, of course, but it does matter.

Nekia says that she understood that it’s sometimes seen as vain or shallow to fixate on outward appearances, but the truth is, it’s only natural. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive! It is a perfectly healthy desire.

After months of meditation and self-reflection, she concluded that her desire to better herself was a selfless act because it benefitted both her and her partner. He would appreciate her commitment to keeping the spark of their relationship alive and she would feel happier and healthier. It’s a win-win.

To hear all these ideas expressed in Nekia’s own words, we encourage you to check out her YouTube video documenting the entire process from consultation to surgery and rehabilitation. It’s a great, highly detailed look at every step of her Sono Bello journey.

Her videos contain lots of honest and valuable insights for anyone interested in liposuction surgery or just self-improvement generally. One piece of advice that she offers is to “get your energy straight” before all your appointments. This is a big life decision, so, you’ll want to be in the best possible headspace going into these important meetings. We couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. Your health and happiness are the pillars on which the rest of your personal wellbeing rests, so you should be focused and resolved while engaging in self-improvement.

She also encourages people who do decide to get liposuction to commit fully to the recovery process. Wear your compression garments, get regular massages, take care of your skin, and be gentle with your body while it’s healing.

Nekia’s recovery process was aided by the fact that she is a fitness expert and is very in-tune with her body. Her downtime was less than ten days and she’s already seeing great results from her operation. She was able to take five inches off her waistline and is feeling like her old self again. Her goal from the start of the process was to return to the shape that she was in before the pandemic began, which is when she started to put on weight. Now, she says that she’s finally reclaimed the body that she worked so hard to build in the years leading up to 2020. She’s more comfortable in the clothes that she wears and she’s also more comfortable wearing no clothes at all! All in all, the transformation was a success and we’re excited to see how her career as a fitness influencer/instructor progresses into the future.

Other patients who may not be as familiar with massage therapy and yoga may need to spend time researching rehabilitation techniques that fit their lifestyles. Not everyone is an expert in these areas, and that’s totally okay. The important thing to remember is, regardless of your level of expertise, there’s no such thing as being too diligent during your recovery. If you want to optimize your results, it’s good to be proactive about healing.

If Nekia’s story inspired you to begin your own self-improvement journey, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.

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