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Queen Carlene on Beginning her Sono Bello Journey

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Our patient Carlene is a fashion, lifestyle, and home improvement guru. Her job is to inspire people to get the most out of their lives by looking, feeling, and being their best selves. This means optimizing their living spaces, finding helping products they can afford, and wearing clothes that amplify their natural beauty. 

Carlene’s desire to help others is partially inspired by hardships that she’s had to overcome in her own life. Through helping herself, she’s gained knowledge that has proven beneficial and applicable to her online audience—one of these hardships being weight management and fitness. 

Carlene’s struggle to maintain a positive body image began when she was 19. Throughout high school, she played sports and never had to worry about what she ate or finding time to work out. However, when she graduated high school and began her undergraduate studies, the “freshman fifteen” came on fast. 

Without the built-in fitness regimen of games, practices, and parent-approved dinners, Carlene’s weight continued to increase. Unfortunately, this is common among young adults adapting to being on their own for the first time. Luckily, Carlene could course-correct and adjust to her newfound freedom before things got too out of hand. 

Then, she graduated college… 

Like freshman year, postgrad life brought a new set of challenges and lifestyle changes. Carlene’s first professional job involved working eight hours per day in a corporate office environment. As anyone who’s worked an office job knows, this routine is an easy way to become inactive. “The daily grind of adult life,” as Carlene puts it, can have adverse health effects. Unless you purchase a standing desk, exercise at lunch, or wake up at 5 am to go to the gym, it’s tough to maintain physical fitness. Once again, owing to a new schedule, Carlene’s weight started trending upwards. 

After a year or so of struggling to manage her weight and subsequently losing confidence in herself, Carlene resolved to improve her diet. 

She tried every meal plan under the sun. Keto, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, you name it. She even tried various “cleanses” to kickstart the process. These nutritional changes resulted in some encouraging weight loss at first. They also positively affected her mental and physical health, which is key because Carlene is an “emotional eater.” So, getting in shape made her feel better, leading to less impulse eating. 

Nevertheless, there were still pockets of stubborn fat that she couldn’t burn off. Under her arms (triceps area), her glutes, and her belly remained problem areas. Her weight may have decreased, but the fat in these specific spots remained. 

Not one to give up, Carlene doubled her efforts and went all-in on eliminating her stubborn fat. She tried boot camps, nutritionists, extreme diets… Still, the layer of lipids wouldn’t burn off. 

At this point, Carlene knew that surgery was the only sure-fire way to permanently remove the fat from her body and achieve the body that she deserved. She had worked so hard and come so far; it would be a shame to let her defiant fat cells win. 

She says, “I feel like the improvements I had made were pushing me forward, but my stubborn problems areas were holding me back.” So, she decided to begin her Sono Bello transformation!

A month post-operation, Carlene is feeling fabulous. We look forward to seeing her continued progress in the months to come. Stay tuned!

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