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Shedding the Quarantine Pounds: Tyiesha is Ready for Summer Thanks to Sono Bello

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Tyiesha was a busy woman, always on the go. Before the onset of the pandemic, you’d be hard-pressed to find her sitting idle for even a minute at a time. But when she began self-quarantining back in March 2020, restricted to her home during hours where she’d usually be out and about, she began to gain weight.

Her weight gain went mostly unnoticed and unaddressed for several months. However, a tipping point finally arrived when she saw an unflattering picture of herself taken by a friend. According to Tyiesha, the woman that she saw in that photograph was not one that she recognized as her best self. From that moment forward, she resolved to begin losing weight and making healthier food choices for her kids.

Between June and October of 2020, Tyiesha was able to shed 20 pounds by intermittent fasting, drinking lots of water, and avoiding unhealthy snacks at night. She admits that fasting was difficult and credits the support of a friend with her ability to see it through.

And yet, even after intermittent fasting for months, Tyiesha was still not where she wanted to be in her weight-loss journey. She wasn’t satisfied with the minimal progress she’d made. There were still areas of her abdomen where fat was being stubborn and other areas of her body where the excess skin from weight loss was damaging her self-confidence. Recognizing that fasting was neither a healthy nor a sustainable solution, she began to explore alternative options to help accomplish her fitness goals.

And that’s when she stumbled upon Sono Bello. Tyiesha’s decision to go with Sono Bello was, as she puts it, an “impulse buy.” One day in December, she saw a TV commercial for Sono Bello, calculated that she could afford the procedure, and decided at that moment to go for it.

But given the context in which her decision was made, it was hardly impulsive! A better body was something that Tyiesha had dedicated months to achieve. Therefore, when she saw the ad for Sono Bello, it was less impulse and more intuition that guided her choice.

Today, Tyiesha is three months post-op and says that she “loves her body.” She feels “reinvented,” and as if she’s “living a new life.” Her Trisculpt E/X upper and lower abdomen procedure gave her the body that she dreamed of back in June of 2020. Plus, having the excess skin removed gave her the confidence to start going to the gym again. Several times a week! Tyiesha has started her own YouTube channel where she discusses health, weight loss, and her own personal experience.

Throughout her journey, Tyiesha was sincerely committed to achieving a fitter, healthier body. She put in the work, did the research, and even sought outside help to push her over the finish line. In addition to her own personal determination, Tyiesha says that it was the love and support of her friends, family, doctors, and nurses that gave her the confidence to go through with it all. Her mom even brags that her daughter “went to Sono Bello!” And the medical professionals that she dealt with in our Bellevue office were “amazing” and treated her with respect.

Above all, Tyiesha says that she is feeling relieved. A physical and emotional weight has been lifted from her and she’s ready to enjoy summer full of confidence and self-love. She feels like she can go back to living the active lifestyle that she had enjoyed pre-COVID. She can keep up with her always-running-around kids again. She can start dating again. She’ll look good in a bikini!

All in all, this was an investment in herself. And as the pandemic (hopefully) begins to wind down and the warmer months kick in, her investment is sure to pay off beautifully.

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