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Taking Off Make Up? Baby Your Skin

When I was little, all I wanted to do was wear makeup. It looked so glamorous and fun. Honestly, I didn’t even know what the majority of the products on the shelves were or how to use them, but I wanted to play with them beyond belief.

Sadly my parents would not let wear any sort of makeup until I reached high school, which seems to take forever when you’re a kid (oh the torture I felt). However, eighth grade came and I was gifted my first makeup kit (oh the joy). There were limitless colors, tons of glitter, and lip-glosses galore (seriously can a girl be any happier).

I remember years of matching my eye shadow to my outfits. It was literally such a thrill for me to find the perfect purple shade and glitter combo to go with my purple top (clearly my sense of style was just perfection back then).

As I got older (and much wiser), I realized less is more. These days I go with the natural route more often than not for my everyday look and a smoky eye is definitely left for special occasions (definitely no more matching colors unless it’s Halloween). Regardless, I do continue to wear makeup in a daily basis. As Calvin Klein once said, ‘The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.’

Of course the application of makeup everyday gets a bit tiring on the skin, and the one rule that I have always tried to live by (with the acceptation of those few too many cocktail nights) is always wash my face before bed.

The concept is fairly easy. I have a great face wash routine, but to remove my eye makeup (aka mascara and eyeliner) is a bit tricky. I used to use regular store bought makeup remover, but it often dried out my skin or caused irritation (stupid allergies). I tried using just face wash, but it caused not so cute raccoon eyes.

Luckily my friend suggested an alternative that I have continued to use for the past five to maybe seven years – BABY SHAMPOO! It’s amazing! It’s gentle on the eyes (no tears just like the Johnson & Johnson bottles promise), removes all the makeup and mascara clumps, and prevents my skin from drying out. It was created for little kids that have much gentler skin than adults, so it makes sense that it would remain gentle enough for our pretty faces.

Did I mention, it is also about five times cheaper than any real makeup remover and can be bought in travel size for vacations (or kept in your purse for those impromptu ‘sleepover’ nights)?

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