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Taylor was Ready for Real Results

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As a healthy and active person, Taylor listens to her body and knows what it does and does not respond to. For the most part, her body responded well to a clean diet and consistent gym routine. Except for her stomach.  

No matter how she altered her diet or restructured her workout plan, Taylor couldn’t manage to flatten her belly. The layer of stubborn fat cells on her abdomen was proving impossible to burn off.  

 Trusting her intuition – and not wanting to waste any more time – she concluded that it was time to seek professional help from liposuction specialists. “It was honestly the quickest decision I’ve made especially after the gym and dieting wasn’t working. I did my research and didn’t even think twice about it.” 

Why Sono Bello? 

During her research, Taylor said that Sono Bello stood out to her because she “liked that people were saying how comfortable the nurses and doctors made them feel.” This level of comfort and care was a big deal to Taylor because – even though she made her decision confidently – she was still nervous about the surgery itself. She knew it was what she wanted, but it was still a major decision.  

She ultimately got over her nerves by reading patient testimonials and doing further research about Sono Bello. She says, “I loved the results I saw from previous patients. Also, Sono Bello is a big name and has been around for a while, and I just believed that I could really trust them to give me the results I wanted.” 

After her consultation and a few more weeks to prepare, Taylor says she was feeling 110% about the operation. When the date finally came for her appointment, she says, “I was there on that table READY!” 

About Her Surgery  

Taylor got her procedures done in our Dallas location. The areas that she had operated on were her upper and lower abs, upper and lower back, right and left sides, and back rolls. Since her surgery, she says that she is down 26 pounds. 

Life After Liposuction  

It’s been two years since Taylor’s surgery, and her confidence is higher than ever. Her “pudgy” stomach was by far her biggest insecurity, so having it permanently eliminated has worked wonders for her self-esteem. “After getting the procedure I gained back my confidence and felt like myself again.” 

Taylor admits that looks aren’t everything, but the experience of waking up in the morning and feeling good about your appearance is truly a blessing and something that – given her difficult journey to get there – she’ll never take for granted.  

For the past two years, Taylor says that she’s finally been living life to the fullest. She goes out and does what she wants without feeling anxious about her body. “I have really been enjoying laying out on the beach or by the pool and being able to wear a bikini without feeling insecure. It’s been really nice.”  

How you view yourself influences how the world sees you. So, if you feel happy about the way you look and exude confidence, that energy will shape people’s perceptions of you. For anyone considering having a liposuction procedure, Taylor’s advice is, “make sure you follow the nurse’s and doctor’s orders. They know best. Also, make sure you wear your waist trainers for as long as you can, it’s going to help shape you and give you even better results. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll feel.” 

To begin your Sono Bello transformation, schedule a free consultation today. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best. 

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