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'This is 40!'

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“It helps your self-esteem, how you feel in your own skin. Being able to put on certain clothes, and your jeans fit really good! I went from a size 8 to a 4!”

Naomi had wanted to be her best self in her 40s, so she naturally turned to Sono Bello Sacramento. As an employee, she had seen awesome patient transformations and knew exactly what she wanted out of her own procedure.

When asked why she chose Sono Bello, her answer was simple, “The doctors here are amazing.” Sono Bello’s unique specialization in liposuction made Naomi feel comfortable that they knew what they were doing. She noted that day-in and day-out the doctors are performing only liposuction procedures, so they are experts in what they do.

Naomi had full body liposuction done to compliment the tummy tuck she had the year prior. Her procedure was done on a Saturday and she returned to work that next Monday! “I basically had a whole-body transformation and I was pretty sore. I felt like I had spent the last month doing cross-fit!” Despite a fast turnaround, 11 days later, Naomi was able to dress-up in her ideal Halloween costume and feel comfortable in her body! “Days after my surgery, I could tell that my body has already changed.”

And the physical change hasn’t even been the most important part to Naomi. “When you look better, you feel better!” She says that everyone around her has noticed the change and gets to share with patients what she did. She can now wear form-fitting clothes and her friends and family have noticed the “extra skip in [her] step!”

The best thing for Naomi has been how she feels when she looks in the mirror. “My reflection reflects how I feel inside.” Running, hiking, yoga, is all easier for her now that her body fits her lifestyle.

Diet and exercise hadn’t been enough for Naomi and she credits Sono Bello for her confidence. The Sono Bello doctors are “…permanently removing those fat cells, and you can’t do that with diet and exercise.” She notes that Sono Bello will be there to support you along the way, and in about 3 months, your body will be completely changed.

Naomi advises patients that eating clean during their recovery is very important and that meal prepping is a great idea! She says it’s an easy surgery and that anyone who wants to change their body should do this. “It’s one of the best things you can buy for yourself!”


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