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This Mother of Six Is Now Considering Modeling Thanks to Sono Bello

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After giving birth to six children, Laquante was feeling self-conscious about her body, especially her stomach. She says she felt uncomfortable in her own skin and would always keep a shirt on, even in situations where others would take theirs off.  

Her lack of confidence made her feel ostracized and left out. She wanted more than anything to be able to participate in warm-weather activities without having to cover up her belly.  

For months, she worked hard towards the goal of slimming down her abdomen and waist, but nothing seemed to work. She tried dieting, exercising, even ultrasonic cavitation. Still, she couldn’t achieve the results she wanted.  

Determined to get her old body back and feel sexy again, she began researching liposuction procedures. She sifted through a slew of results online. Finally, Sono Bello stood out to her because of the transformative results that our patients have been able to achieve. And when she started the process of speaking with our team regarding consultation and potential procedure, she said that the “customer service was excellent,” which further encouraged her to book a procedure, which she ultimately did!  

About eight weeks ago, Laquante had her upper/lower abs and waist operated on at our Atlanta, GA location. She says the surgery went smoothly, and the recovery process, so far, has been a breeze. Three days after her operation, she could see a significant difference in her body, and her results have only gotten better since then.  

She is so happy with her new body that she is considering doing some professional modeling to help inspire other mothers who are feeling negatively about their bodies to invest in their self-improvement. Her goal is “to encourage people to do what they think will make them happy, regardless of what others may say. You get one life and should live it to the fullest.” 

Her story is proof that you don’t have to simply accept feeling unhappy about aspects of your body that you can’t change. There’s always a way to overcome these mental and physical hurdles, even if it means seeking professional help from specialists.  

After having her surgery, she says, “I am so much more confident in how I look. I love the way my clothes fit. I have gotten so many compliments on my body. I feel like I finally have the look I wanted. I am so excited about what my future holds.” 

We’re thrilled that we were able to give Laquante the body she wanted and, in doing so, get her into a more positive headspace. We wish her all the best in her new modeling career, and we’ll definitely be cheering her on via social media.  

To anyone considering having liposuction surgery, Laquante says, “Go for it. Do your research and take your time in making your decision. Most importantly, do it for yourself and not for anyone else!” 

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