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10 Weird Things Things Done in the Name of Beauty

We all do strange things for beauty. Can you top these weird beauty trends?

Fish Pedicure
A pedicure is a great way to unwind and pamper yourself. Sit back, relax, and let some fish chew off the dead skin on your feet. Wait, what? That’s the actual idea behind fish pedicures, which are offered in niche salons around the world.

Bird Poop Facial
Ok, so that may not be the technical term. Most salons refer to this as a Geisha Facial or a Whitening Facial. Basically it involved paying a lot of money to have someone smear bird poop on your face. Victoria Beckham first popularized this bizarre treatment, and Tom Cruise is apparently a fan.

Vampire Facial
Bird poop not your thing? How about blood instead? Hey, if the Kardashians are doing it, it can’t be a bad idea, right? You too can pay to have a plastic surgeon inject your face with your own blood to “stimulate collagen and elastin fibers.” Just like Kim!

Snake Massage
If you’re not already having nightmares about carnivorous fish and vampires, this weird beauty treatment should push you over the edge. A few spas around the world (and a zoo in the Philippines) offer massages that consist of live snakes on your back. This is supposedly therapeutic and beneficial to the skin.

Hot Pepper Scalp Massage
Want your hair to grow faster? Try massaging some hot sauce onto your scalp. Or don’t—that sounds painful. Some women use this technique to encourage hair growth. While the capsaicin in peppers actually does encourage hair growth, it’s most effective when taken orally. So keep the Cholula on your burrito and off your head.

Mayonnaise Hair Mask
Speaking of food that doesn’t belong on your head; mayonnaise hair masks are apparently a popular beauty secret. Women slather it on and go to bed smelling like potato salad, all for the sake of shiny locks.

Hemorrhoid Cream Eye Treatment
Puffy eyes in the morning? Skip the $80 eye cream from Sephora and slather on some Preparation H instead. Some women swear this zaps under eye puffiness and circles better than high-end eye creams.

Laxatives as Primer
While you’re raiding your medicine cabinet for beauty treatments, grab some Milk of Magnesia to use as a skin primer. This common laxative is supposed to be great for keeping oily skin under control. It even has its own review section on the popular review site MakeupAlley.

Oil Cleansing Method
Looking for a new cleanser to take your makeup off at the end of the day? Skip the drugstore and head to the kitchen. Apparently all you need is a bottle of olive oil. Instead of actually cleaning their faces, there’s a growing movement of people who insist you just need to rub some olive oil into it and go to bed.

Drinking Collagen
Can drinking liquefied collagen from pigs and chickens make your skin glow? In short: no. Does that stop women from paying $20 a pop for designer collagen smoothies? That answer is also no.

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