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Proprietary Excess Skin and Fat Removal

Are you frustrated with excess skin that hangs over your midsection? The AbEX™ procedure, when coupled with micro-laser liposuction, is the ideal solution to give you natural-looking results.

· Eliminate excess skin on your abdomen.

· Achieve sculpted results without general anesthesia

· Return to your everyday life, sooner: minimally invasive means no lengthy downtime.

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Reinventing the Tummy Tuck

Learn How AbEX™ Removes Excess Skin Safely and Effectively.

Faster Recovery

Life moves fast, and we know you want to get back to your daily activities. Sono Bello’s AbEX procedure allows you to remain awake and alert, receiving local anesthesia only in the treated areas. The result is fewer complications and less downtime, and faster recovery.

Effective Fat Removal

Sono Bello® physicians use advanced power-assisted tools to gently and effectively remove unwanted fat. Then, our micro-laser technology is used to contour your problem areas for the finishing touches.

Excess Skin Removal

The remaining loose, sagging skin is eliminated from your full abdomen to complete a more toned and sculpted look.
AbEX Excess Skin Removal Before and After

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Individual results may vary. Images and testimonials do not constitute a guarantee of any particular outcome.

AbEX™: Not Your Traditional Tummy Tuck

Learn how we're different.

AbEX removes fat and excess skin from the full abdomen.

Patients get a flat, tight tummy in just one visit.

AbEX is a minimally invasive procedure, resulting in fewer complications, less downtime, and faster patient recovery.

AbEX is done under only localized anesthesia.

Belly button repositioning can be performed if determined by your surgeon.

The procedure is performed only by highly trained, specialized surgeons.

Hear From Our Surgeons

Watch this educational video hosted by Sono Bello’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chris Chung, to see the benefits of the AbEX procedure in action.