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Are You A Hot Mom?

You may not think it, but someone out there thinks you are as bootylicious as Beyonce. But, the self-esteem of a single mom is still often lower than it should be. The stress of caring for children, taking care of household chores and feeling alone in the world can really make women feel as if they are past their prime, especially when it comes to dating. Are you guilty of this down in the dumps single mom mentality? Well cheer up, because research shows that you are actually more attractive to some men now than you were when you were 20 years old and had no stretch marks.

Christopher Hudspeth recently polled 50 single men, and asked what their non-traditional turn-ons were in women. In addition to features like pale skin and a raspy voice, the men answered that they are attracted to muffin-tops, pregnancy pot bellies (whether she is pregnant or not), stretch marks, veiny breasts and mothers. Sound a little non-traditional? It’s not. There are entire pornography websites dedicated to “hot mommies.” Don’t check up on that. You’re better off that way.

No matter what a woman looks like, you can bet there is a sub-culture of men looking for exactly that in a partner. Sure, there are some common features of women that a high percentage of men find attractive, but the truth is that everyone has their own, personal taste. Do you and all of your friends find the same men attractive? Probably not!

The point is, a lot of single moms are worried that simply having kids is a huge turn-off for men. While that may be the case for most 16 year old boys, it’s not at all the case for most adult males. In fact, the more mature a man is, the more likely he is to be attracted to an emotionally mature woman who shows compassion towards the little human beings she helped create. In cases where the mere physical symptoms of being a mom are the features that men are attracted to – think stretch marks and fluffy bellies – the psychological reasoning is that he craves the love of a caring woman. He also probably craves a woman who can take care of his own kids, whether they exist yet or not.

If you are a mommy, you should start considering your status as a dating asset. Being a mother usually means that a woman is a mature adult – why be ashamed of that? Plenty of guys want to get to know you, take you out and adore all the features that you’ve been obsessing over.

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