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Ashley’s Journey Brought Her to Sono Bello

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Ashley T. is a fashion designer and influencer who put work ahead of everything else until recently. 

A couple of years ago, Ashley weighed in at 404 pounds. She decided to make a change and put her health and wellness first. With a workout regimen and diet in place, Ashley lost 200 pounds and found confidence in the gym and on roller blades (her personal favorite way to work out). 

“I was 404 pounds, and now I’m about 210,” Ashley said. “I want to get the AbEX to remove all this extra skin.” 

With such an impressive lifestyle change, she was excited to keep her health journey going. However, her results plateaued, and she found it difficult to push her body any further because of all the excess skin that was left from the drastic weight loss. 

Looking for a solution, Ashley began considering cosmetic surgery options. For her, visiting Sono Bello was for utility and beauty reasons – after all, she wanted to get rid of the excess skin around her abdomen for health reasons, but she also wanted to wear clothes easier and worry less about her midsection. 

Why Sono Bello

Ashley came to Sono Bello because of our advanced tummy tuck alternative: AbEX. 

Ashley partnered with our San Diego, CA location to determine the best course of action to meet her needs: TriSculpt to remove stubborn fat through her back and hips paired with AbEX for her abdomen fat and excess skin concerns. 

With AbEX, Ashley didn’t have to worry about going under general anesthesia, which comforted her. She was also excited to pair AbEX throughout her abdomen with TriSculpt on her arms and back, giving her a new figure from 360 degrees. 

AbEX offers patients tummy tuck-like results without downtime. Most patients are back up and moving around within a week and see much shorter recovery times overall because AbEX does not touch your abdominal muscles like a traditional tummy tuck. AbEX also offers patients greater contouring results because it pairs micro-laser liposuction with skin removal to smooth and tighten the entire midsection. 

Life after AbEX

Ashley’s surgeries were staged into two sessions, both were completed with localized anesthesia, so she was awake but comfortable throughout the procedure.

“I didn’t even feel the skin removal,” she remembers. 

After surgery, Ashley felt sore for a couple of weeks throughout her recovery, but within a month, she was back to traveling, roller blading, and enjoying life with a lot less weighing her down. 

“I am so happy with the results I’ve seen,” Ashley said two months post-op. “It’s a huge difference from where I was to now. As the weeks went on, I saw more and more results, and I’m so happy.” 

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