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“Before Sono Bello I was in a Shell”

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Stephanie has been a hairdresser for 15 years, it’s a career that allows her to express her personality and make others look and feel beautiful. Helping others feel their best is what Stephanie likes most about her days.

She is also a mom, and after her daughter was born, her lifestyle changed. She began to eat unhealthier and gained weight in her midsection. She tried to diet and exercise but that wouldn’t get rid of the fat. She tried other methods such as waist trainers and spanx while wearing loose clothing over them. But even with undergarments, Stephanie felt insecure and unhappy with her body.

Stephanie couldn’t be out of work for a long time which is why she chose to go with Sono Bello for micro-laser liposuction on her abdomen. “I have had an amazing experience with Sono Bello from the time I went to my consultation to now.”

Immediately Stephanie could tell the difference in her body. “As soon as they stood me up from my surgery I looked down at my abdomen area and I could tell it was immediate. I could see my feet.” And since then, Stephanie finally has a curve to her body that she has always wanted.

She no longer has to wear anything to tighten or hide her body. Now, she loves to shop and can even wear clothes that had been in her closet. “After Sono Bello, I was able to go and get in some of those same outfits that I had and I look great in them now.”

Not only does she feel more comfortable in her body, but she also can do her job more easily. “I have that confidence I didn’t have before.”

“I like this Stephanie better because she’s happier. She looks better. She’s a lot happier,” she says. Stephanie also feels like she can empower other women and has the energy to do so! She wants others to feel the same way.

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