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Body After Baby: Joy's Story

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“As moms, we do everything for everybody else. My advice for all the mom’s out there is have a little bit of self-care and do something that makes you happy.”

As the Practice Manager at Sono Bello Minneapolis, Joy had seen patients come in and out and was always impressed with their awesome results. Three years after becoming a mom, she still struggled to get rid of some of those problem areas, “I wasn’t seeing any difference.” Joy turned to Sono Bello since she had seen its successes for so many others.

Working for Sono Bello isn’t the only reason that Joy decided to choose them for her liposuction procedure. She cited the skilled and qualified surgeons as a deciding factor, “We specialize in liposuction, so the surgeons do this day in and day out and that’s what they’re really good at.”

Some may assume that having a three-year-old at home could make the recovery process more challenging, but Joy said overall, it was not hard to manage. “You are sore afterward, and my son loves to be held, so that was a bit difficult.” The couple days following a procedure require downtime, but Joy said that by the fourth or fifth day she was starting to feel like herself again, “…and by week two, for sure I was back to normal.”

Since her Sono Bello procedure, Joy has said that one of the biggest changes was having to buy new pants! She no longer wears baggy or open shirts to hide her tummy, she can now wear form-fitting clothes or even crop tops.

“It’s amazing how that love handle area holds you back from so many outfits.” Now being able to wear outfits that she is more comfortable and confident in, Joy says she overall feels more confident and acts more confident. Her sisters even noticed how awesome her body looks!

When asked what the best thing about this process was, Joy said, “How I feel about myself.” She is happy to be able to share her experience with patients, regardless of the point in the process they are at. Joy is able to talk candidly about her experience and recovery process.

Joy said that one of the most important things to note when going through a procedure is to make sure you have a support system, even if it is just one person. “It can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster from being nervous and excited leading up to the procedure to being sore and healing afterward. It can take a bit of time to see your final results so having someone by your side is helpful.” Joy also credits Sono Bello’s staff for being a great support system to help patients get their best results. “From the nurses, the doctors, and the front desk, we are all here to cheer you on and help you get your best results! At a lot of doctor’s offices, you can barely get your call returned but here we are always here to answer calls and questions, you can come in as much as you want. I think that makes the biggest difference.”

Thinking back to her child and in choosing to do something for herself, Joy also talked about how feeling positively about yourself as a mom, can also help the impact you have on your child. “If you’re more confident in yourself then you can spread that to your child.” Moms are role models for their children, so being healthy, happy, and confident in yourself, let’s you become a better role model.”


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