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Brittany Gets Her Confidence Back

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“My results are amazing, and I’m happy now! My recovery was even amazing; I was back to work within 2 days! Sono Bello has changed my life.”

Brittany was always in great shape and felt confident in herself and her appearance. She even worked as a model and actress in her teens! In her twenties, she started to struggle with her weight, particularly around her midsection. She felt very self-conscious about her belly, and tried everything to disguise the extra weight she carried there. She wore baggy t-shirts, tried painful waist trainers, and would even avoid sitting down in public because she felt it accentuated her belly roll.

Brittany knew she had to make a change. Diet and exercise weren’t cutting it, and her weight was interfering with her lifestyle. She tried a weight loss procedure with another provider and felt like the results left her looking worse than before. Brittany started staying in rather than going out with friends and refused to let anyone take pictures of her. No matter how much she exercised, she was unable to get rid of the extra weight she still carried in her midsection.

Eventually Brittany found Sono Bello, and she’s so happy she did! She describes her whole procedure as smooth and easy, and felt supported from her first consultation all the way through her post-procedure care. After her procedure, she couldn’t believe that her stomach was finally flat!

Now she goes anywhere she wants to and wears clothes she feels great in. She never thinks twice about sitting down in public. Her confidence has returned and she feels like she has her life back!

“I’m not ashamed to show my body off now.”

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