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Cheryl Boosted her Self Worth with Sono Bello

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Cheryl, a vascular sonographer from Houston, TX was tired of feeling self-conscious and discouraged by what she saw in the mirror. Her stubborn excess body fat meant that she couldn’t fit comfortably into the clothes that she liked, which made her sad and reluctant to go out. She tried diets and exercise routines to slim down her problem areas, but despite her best efforts, these areas remained problematic.  

Finally, she accepted that her inability to burn off the fat wasn’t her fault, and she started looking into surgical options. Owing to her connections and experience in the health care industry, she was well-equipped to find a treatment that best suited her needs. Cheryl owns a post-operative care clinic that specializes in helping people recover from surgeries. As a result, she knows the risks of getting low-quality surgery. So, for herself, she wanted to find the highest-quality option available. In the end, she decided that the optimal treatment was liposuction surgery from Sono Bello at our Houston location.  

After an introductory consultation with our support team, Cheryl scheduled and went in for her operation. She had the fat permanently removed from her upper abs, lower abs, and waist. She also chose to undergo our AbEX treatment which removes excess skin for smoother, tighter, and more toned results.  

Cheryl is now fully recovered and says, “I feel like I’m worth more and not just a mom. I could be a model! I love myself now.” We love to hear that. And it’s true, she does look incredible. Check out her Instagram to see her impressive progress for yourself. However, the biggest success was the fact that her self-worth and confidence have increased, making her feel more valuable and loved. 

Today, Cheryl can wear any outfit she wants without thinking twice. She can step out into the world full of optimism and confidence. She can go to the beach and the gym without feeling embarrassed. She can get her modeling career up and running. She certainly looks the part. The point is, now that Cheryl truly believes in herself, the sky’s the limit.  

For anyone considering liposuction surgery, Cheryl’s advice is, “Trust the process. Take at least a week off to give your body time. It’s important to feel 110%. Have all your post-op supplies near you. Drink plenty of water. Ask all your questions at your pre-op visit.” 

If Cheryl’s transformation inspired you to begin a self-improvement journey of your own, we encourage you to reach out to our support team and schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. Go into the New Year full of confidence! It’s your life; live it beautifully. 

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