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Dating Your Perfect DNA Match

She dated me…with science!

If you’re shy, busy, or both, online dating offers a wonderful way into the dating scene. It’s affordable and fun for a lot of singles who have either given up on the traditional dating scene, or people who are often tied to their computers.

Over the last decade, online dating sites have constantly improved the way that members can portray themselves, as well as how people are matched to one another. In the digital age, it is the ideal of every online matchmaking site that its members are perfectly matched to each other, either through questionnaires, games or hand-selection.

Now, a company in Canada is poised to change all that with DNA dating.

Instant Chemistry is a company whose purpose is to match single people together based on their DNA profiles. The company’s research says that women are more likely to be attracted to men who are genetically similar in some ways, but genetically different in others. Based on this pattern of attraction, DNA profiling is done by searching for specific genetic markers in a person’s immune system. These personal genetic traits are then compared to the DNA profiles of other singles who are searching for a partner.

Genetic matchmaking, unlike profile perusing, is rather straight-forward; either the genes are a match, or they aren’t. The way that most online dating sites are set up, it is not uncommon to feel rejected based on your photo, your age or something you said in your profile. If the entire process is in the hands of science, how could anyone feel that way? It’s definitely an interesting take on the dating industry.

Instant Chemistry isn’t the first to suggest that sexual attraction is down to genetic information; plenty of social and genetic researchers have conducted studies to explore the role of scent in human partnering. Research conducted by Roberts and Havlicek suggests that a specialized scent organ can actually infer genetic information about the other people around us, through pheromones. Human pheromones are undetectable as far as our conscious brain is concerned, so when and if we discern any genetic information about possible love matches based upon smell, we are completely unaware of it.

If you are really determined to find the love of your life, chances are that in the near future you may be able to simply sign up for a DNA dating membership and see what your genes have to say about it. Who knows – thirty seconds of cheek swabbing just might lead to a lifetime of happiness with your perfect genetic match!

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