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Destiny Says, “My Results are Phenomenal!”

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Destiny, a 22-year-old respiratory therapist from Denver, CO, is a highly motivated person and a true self-starter. When she sets her mind to accomplishing something, it’s typically not long before that task gets accomplished. So, when she failed to reach her weight loss goals after months of strict diet and exercise, she knew it was time to explore alternative solutions.  

Beginning her self-improvement journey.

Since Destiny works in the healthcare industry, she was familiar with surgical fat-reduction treatments. She even considered having laser liposuction before but never seriously pursued it. Now, having given natural fat loss her best shot, she took her liposuction research to the next level and scheduled a consultation. 

Why Sono Bello? 

Destiny didn’t just want her stubborn fat removed; she also wanted her skin to look phenomenal afterward. That’s why she chose Sono Bello. One of her main goals was to confidently wear a swimsuit after her surgery, which she couldn’t do if she felt self-conscious about scars or uneven results.  

She needed a liposuction provider specializing in minimally invasive procedures that left the patient’s skin looking toned and smooth. And she felt confident that we could give her that. 

She also felt that we offered the most accommodating payment plan, which was important because she would be paying for the whole procedure herself with money that she had saved up. Again, Destiny is a self-starter.  

About the Surgery 

After her consultation, Destiny went in to have her surgery done at our center in Greenwood Village, CO, just outside of Denver. She had her upper and lower abs and her waist operated on. The surgery went smoothly. Our team removed the stubborn fat from her midsection, flattening her abdomen and slimming down her waist. Destiny says the surgery resulted in a 5-inch reduction in her waistline and a 15-pound reduction in her total body weight.  

The Road to Recovery 

In the weeks following her operation, Destiny made sure to rest and recover as much as possible. Even with her busy work schedule and social life, she made it through our post-op rehabilitation regimen without issues. Now, she’s fully healed and looks incredible. “My results are phenomenal,” Destiny said.  

Life after Lipo 

Destiny’s Sono Bello transformation gives her the confidence and motivation to continue working and eating healthily to maintain her results. She also feels like she can finally wear clothes that make her “feel beautiful.”  

This increase in self-esteem has given her hope for the future. She can’t wait to swim and show off her new body in a bikini. She also feels like her Sono Bello journey proved that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. When she failed initially to lose the weight on her own, she didn’t give up. Instead, she saved her own money and got the professional help that she needed to push her over the finish line. This shows dedication and perseverance.  

For anyone considering liposuction surgery, Destiny’s advice is simple: “Do it! You won’t regret it.” 

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