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Have a Happy AND Healthy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is typically a day full of indulgence. If you’re still committed to your New Year’s Resolution to be your happiest and healthiest self, a holiday centered around chocolate and rich, calorie-laden dinners might be making you a little nervous.

Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to celebrate the day and stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Try one of these fun and romantic active date ideas, and cap off the day with a healthy and delicious treat that won’t leave you full of regret in the morning.

Active Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a great way to burn some calories and get in some cardio, not to mention the perfect excuse to hold hands with your date (for balance, of course)! If you happen to live in a cold climate, bundle up and head outside to a local pond or rink in the park. If you’re lucky enough to not be experiencing frigid outdoor temperatures you can still join in the fun! Find a local indoor rink; lots of places are putting on Valentine’s events complete with romantic tunes and light shows.

2. Take a Dance Lesson

Get close to your partner while learning some new moves! You would be surprised at the sweat you can work up dancing salsa or flamenco. Find a local studio that’s offering group or private lessons and book a session. If you have fun, make the lessons a regular date night and soon you and your partner will be turning heads every time you hit the club (and building up some great core muscles in the process)!

3. Rent a Tandem Bike

Work on your coordination and communication by riding a tandem bike with your partner. Rent a bike for the day and pick a scenic route to cruise together. You could even pack a picnic with healthy snacks and pick a spot with a romantic view to take a break. You’ll get in some good cardio while chatting and pedaling together.

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

1. Dark Chocolate Fondue

This simple recipe only has two ingredients! Choose your favorite fresh fruit for dipping to keep this romantic dessert healthy and low calorie.

2. Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a Valentine’s Day favorite. With this recipe you can enjoy this decadent dessert without the guilt.

3. Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes

These healthier cupcakes are made with whole wheat flour and nonfat buttermilk.

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