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How Sono Bello Helped Jacqueline Get Rid of Her Stomach Pouch and Keep Her Curves

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As her 37th birthday approached, Jacqueline knew it was time to do something for herself.

After giving birth to her son a decade ago, Jacqueline noticed her body change. While she lost the extra pregnancy pounds, she couldn’t get rid of the pesky excess skin on her stomach ⁠— a problem she’d never dealt with before.

“It’s a different weight that comes on [as you get older]. It doesn’t move like it used to,” Jacqueline says.

Determined to lose the weight, Jacqueline dove into fitness, eventually becoming a personal trainer. To supplement her heavy exercise routine and optimize her results, she also started eating healthy.

“I didn’t want to not go out and enjoy food. But I was so anal about counting everything,” she says. “I ate like a hamster!”

For years, Jacqueline continued putting in the work to get her dream body.

“I was doing everything I knew. All the personal training techniques that I learned,” she says. “But every time I’d measure my stomach or get on the scale or try on an outfit, it would all look the same as before. It was depressing.”

For the three months leading up to her decision to try micro-laser liposuction at Sono Bello, Jacqueline worked hard to lose weight.

She says she was dieting intensely and exercising frequently. But after about 90 days of giving it all she had, Jacqueline finally grew tired of not seeing results.

She decided to get a consultation at Sono Bello about receiving TriSculpt E/X ⁠— a procedure that uses a special blend of liposuction and excess skin removal to contour the body. To her delight, she was a perfect candidate.

“I just wanted a body contouring procedure that would take away that extra pooch, that stomach I wanted to get rid of, and leave everything else that I had worked so hard for in the gym,” says Jacqueline.

Soon after her first appointment, Jacqueline received TriSculpt E/X on her abdomen.

“This is definitely the best birthday present I’ve ever given myself,” gushes Jacqueline, now several weeks post-op. “This is an investment into me that is really going to make a difference years from now.”

Jacqueline has already made amazing fat loss progress. Her stomach is noticeably flatter than it was before, and it’s only going to get flatter as she continues to recover.

Eager to maintain her liposuction results, Jacqueline says Sono Bello has helped her kickstart her own healthier lifestyle.

“I know how to better manage my food, be more conscious of how I eat,” says Jacqueline. “[Sono Bello] was definitely the right push for me. This is the best jump start I could’ve had.”

Jacqueline recommends Sono Bello to anyone who wants to get great fat loss results and is willing to put in the hard work.

She offers some words of advice specifically for the moms out there who might be considering getting a Sono Bello procedure: “Take a chance, do it! Invest in yourself, and make sure you’re ready to live a healthy lifestyle afterwards — because it’s not just a magic fix.”

Overall, Jacqueline says she’s most excited about where her new body will take her and how great she’ll feel as she continues to transform her lifestyle.

“Now that I’ve been blessed with this new body, I just want to treat it good!” she says.

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