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Ilana Says, “No Insecurity Is Too Small.”

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As a bikini competitor, Ilana knows hard work. She knows what it’s like to tailor a diet to get results and plan workouts to optimize muscle tone and visibility. However, even the most well-versed athletes still have problem areas that bring insecurities to the surface.

Ilana’s biggest insecurity? Her double chin.

“Even when I was 101 pounds at 5’1, my double chin still existed, and no amount of weight loss would get rid of it,” Ilana said.

Once her bikini competition days ended, Ilana turned to YouTube as a new hobby. However, cameras constantly focused on her face amplified her insecurities. She always worried about contouring her jaw to hide her chin or angling her face to look slimmer.

Taking the Leap

Ilana thought about finding a solution to her double chin for about a year before she got the sign she needed. During her usual YouTube browsing, Ilana saw an ad, noticed the location was near her home in Portland, OR, and offered financing options to suit her budget. From there, it seemed like everything fell into place.

With the stress of “how will I pay” and “where will I go” being out of Ilana’s mind, she was left to simply enjoy the journey. Her team in Portland was kind and answered all of her questions, and even her surgeon took a few selfies along the way.

Life After Laser Lipo

Ilana says her life has completely changed in the three months since her surgery.

“I don’t have to worry about contouring underneath my jawline anymore when I do my makeup,” she said. “And I feel so much better about my chin looking more snatched.”

Without having to worry about her chin insecurities, Ilana faces each day with more confidence. She’s excited to film lifestyle content for her YouTube, and she enjoys trying new hair and makeup styles without having to hide behind them.

Now, one of her goals is to show others that no insecurity is too small to take action. Even the little things in life add up to big emotional changes.

“I want to be a good representation to those wanting to eliminate their double chin,” she said. “I feel like most representation comes from the waist, lower stomach, and lower body area in general. There is nothing wrong with that, but I only wanted my chin done, and I know there will be others out there who may want that only too.”

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