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Jarrett Got Shredded in Time for Beach Season with Sono Bello

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They say that weight loss starts in the kitchen, not the gym; and for Jarrett, this was certainly the case. He exercised more frequently than most men his age, and he tried to live an overall active lifestyle. However, despite his physical efforts, he still struggled to keep the pounds off, primarily due to his love of food. 

We all enjoy food in our own way, but not all of us are “foodies” like Jarrett. His passion for the culinary arts made it inherently difficult for him to maintain low body fat and over time he developed a “spare tire” around his midsection.  

It’s not that Jarrett lacked the motivation to eat less but doing so would mean missing out on one of his favorite hobbies. It was an understandably tough spot to be in. Give up something you enjoy or improve your physical appearance.  

It wasn’t until his wife went through a Sono Bello transformation of her own that he gained the inspiration to do something about his own body fat. Seeing how much liposuction surgery improved his spouse’s overall confidence and appearance, Jarrett decided to finally pursue an operation for himself. He made sure to bring it up to his doctor at his next physical, and to his relief, the doctor was supportive of the idea. He said that as long as Jarrett committed to living a healthy lifestyle after the surgery, it would be a great way to get and stay thin.  

“I didn’t want to look 10% better, I wanted to look 100% better,” said Jarrett. And with the blessing of his wife and his doctor, he booked a Sono Bello liposuction appointment at our White Plains, NY, location.  

Since his wife had already gone through the surgery, he knew exactly what to expect going into the operating room. He also knew that the recovery process wouldn’t happen overnight and that it would take weeks of patience and vigilance to achieve the best possible results. Having a mentor to guide him through the process was hugely beneficial, and Jarrett credits his wife for making his experience so positive.  

Jarrett is now several months post-op, fully recovered, and feeling better than ever. He has lived up to his commitment to eating healthy and working out, and it shows. In this summer heat, he has no problem walking around with his shirt off. He says that he is excited to hit the beach and travel around as much as possible.  

Jarrett’s family and friends have all been happy for him after his transformation. Some of them are even thinking about getting liposuction themselves after seeing what it did for Jarrett and his wife. He has wisely cautioned his friends that liposuction is not a magical weight loss solution. It is a great starting point, but then you have to put in the work to keep the results intact. Liposuction can improve your body, but then you have to improve your lifestyle to stay in shape.  

In closing, Jarrett said, “Sono Bello can take you to the next level in your weight loss journey. Then it’s up to you to watch your diet and hit the gym.” 

If any part of Jarrett’s story resonated with you, contact us today to schedule a free liposuction consultation. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.  

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