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Johanna's Confidence Has Never Been Higher Thanks to Sono Bello

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Johanna had been considering getting laser liposuction for 12 years (after the birth of her first child) before she finally decided to book an appointment with Sono Bello at our Denver location earlier this year.  

For the past 4 years, Johanna has been religiously following a workout routine and a strict diet, but still, she couldn’t manage to burn off the layer of stubborn fat around her upper/lower abdomen and waist. Having tried everything she could to shed the fat herself, she knew that it was time to seek help from professionals.  

Johanna is now several months post-op, and she says that the recovery was, “much quicker and easier than I expected.” Her friends and family have been shocked by how good she looks and many of them have asked her how she got her stomach so flat.  

The thing that’s made Johanna the happiest after her surgery is being able to comfortably wear tight clothes again. Her improved self-confidence has inspired her to buy a whole new wardrobe of outfits that she wouldn’t have been able to wear before her operation. She even feels comfortable without clothes on. “I already did a photoshoot at the beach!” Johanna told us delightedly. “I am so confident and so happy with my result. I want to tell everyone!”  

For other women (or men) considering having a Sono Bello liposuction procedure, Johanna advised that they invest in quality skincare products after their surgery. She purchased an ultrasonic device from Amazon to help smooth out her skin.  

Johanna is absolutely right that being proactive and diligent about your recovery process will always improve your results in the end. If you need additional help from us in that department, we offer a number of dermatological services (excess skin removal and cellulite reduction) that ensure your skin is looking smooth and tight. The lasers used in laser liposuction surgery also naturally stimulate collagen production, a protein that strengthens your skin and makes it more resilient.  

If any part of Johanna’s story resonated with you, feel free to reach out and schedule a free consultation today. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.  

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