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Kimberly’s Thirtieth Birthday Gift to Herself

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In just under three years, Kimberly was able to shed 150 pounds of excess body weight. That is a genuinely awe-inspiring amount of mass for a person to work off, especially in such a brief period. However, with dramatic weight loss come distinct side effects. Loose, sagging skin is one of the most common. 

“I was stuck with lots of skin and subcutaneous fat that I couldn’t remove myself. It felt like no matter how hard I worked at the gym and ate right, it wouldn’t go away,” said Kimberly.  

Fortunately, Kimberly saw a Sono Bello ad on Instagram and decided to investigate surgical solutions to excess skin and body fat during this time. In her research, she discovered that Sono Bello offers skin-removal procedures to create a tighter and more toned figure, which she hoped to achieve. She also joined a Sono Bello Facebook group and saw the “awesome transformations” that other patients had been able to accomplish.  

Kimberly was most attracted to Sono Bello because the recovery process for our procedures is relatively quick. Speed was an essential factor because her busy work schedule wouldn’t allow extended time off. “I work three jobs, and I wanted to get back to them quickly, so the main reason I chose Sono Bello was the quick recovery time.”  

Feeling satisfied and convinced by her research, Kimberly went in for a consultation at her local Sono Bello office in Troy, Michigan. Shortly after that appointment, she scheduled a date to have her surgery done.  

Kimberly is now fully recovered from her operation and says, “I am excited to show off my new body in Vegas for my 30th birthday in September. I feel more comfortable at the gym and going for runs because I don’t have to deal with the heaviness of my skin hanging.”  

Since her surgery, Kimberly has lost an additional 10 pounds and has taken a full 2 inches off her waist. Smooth, tight skin gave her the confidence to continue pursuing a healthy, fit lifestyle. She also found support in the Sono Bello Facebook group during the recovery process, which encouraged her to stay optimistic and on track. In addition, her friends and family members were all supportive throughout the process. Kimberly says that her friends call her “skinny” now, which is nice to hear after dedicating so much time and effort to improving her body.  

To anybody considering a Sono Bello operation of their own, Kimberly says, “GO FOR IT! It’s worth spending your hard-earned money on the surgery, but make sure to keep up the healthy lifestyle after the procedure. It’s also important to remember that this is not a weight loss procedure, so I would make sure to do it only after you’ve tried getting the weight off yourself. You’re more likely to keep it off that way.” 

If you related to Kimberly’s story or felt inspired by her commitment to self-improvement, we encourage you to book a free Sono Bello consultation today. It’s your life; live it beautifully.  

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