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Meghan Said Enough Was Enough

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Meghan is a wife, mother, and equestrian who struggled for years with her body image.

“I had this excess fat through my stomach that went all the way around,” she said. “It was like a tire I couldn’t get rid of.”

One day, Meghan and her husband went on vacation to the beach. While surrounded by friends and family, Meghan posed for pictures along the waterfront. It wasn’t until after, when they were driving home that Meghan looked through the images and realized something had to be done.

She noticed that she was covering, hiding behind clothes, on the beach. Her friends and family were smiling, having a good time, and all she could see was herself: Sad, insecure, wearing full clothing in the water and clearly letting her body hold her back.

That was it.

Meghan spent the rest of the drive home looking up diets, ordering exercise equipment, and prepping for the big life change she was about to make. She knew this wasn’t the woman she wanted to be.

Benefiting from Lipo360

Meghan’s shift to wellness was successful. She lost weight, she looked better, and she felt better. However, even with the aggressive lifestyle change, she plateaued and began losing steam. It was hard to keep fighting certain pockets of fat that just wouldn’t budge.

Meghan decided to keep herself accountable for her goals: She chose to visit Sono Bello.

When she first came to the Oklahoma City, OK center, she was stunned by how friendly the team was. Together, they decided that the best way to tackle her problem areas was to get TriSculpt on the full abdomen, waist, and hips. This way, her stubborn “tire” around her body could be tackled all at once.

From there, the process was smooth. Sure, the first three days of recovery were hard: she was sore, and moving around was challenging, but she made sure to drink plenty of water and walk three miles daily.

Life After Lipo

“I can’t say enough good things,” she said. “I was shocked when I noticed the results the next day. And every week, it seems to get better and better.”

Meghan is only 60 days out from her procedure but says her life has changed in multiple ways for the better. She noticed herself moving easier and horseback riding was definitely less of a challenge without the excess fat weighing her down.

In her first month, Meghan lost 4 inches off her waist and fit into the jeans she wore before giving birth to her son. She put on a bikini for the first time in the second month and didn’t even recognize herself.

“I just want people to know that this is okay – we’re all human, and we need to ask for help sometimes,” she said. “This is the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

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