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Michael Removed His Fat and Insecurities

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At his heaviest, Michael (aka Mikey) was 250 pounds. He has worked tirelessly throughout the years to find health and wellness and bring his body back to a healthy weight. He knows what it means to diet, workout, and reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. 

At his lowest weight, Mikey hit 170 – a big goal he worked hard for, however, no matter how healthy he managed to be, he still struggled with pockets of fat in his lower abdomen, lower back, and chest. 

“When I lost all this weight, I still carried this extra fat and it just didn’t look or feel right,” he said. “I felt like my body wasn’t proportionate. I became really insecure.” 

Since his weight loss, Mikey has continued to struggle with insecurities surrounding his mid-section and chest. He consistently wears shirts to the beach, always buys clothing a size too big and struggles to maintain focus on his fitness goals with this plateau in progress. 

“As much as everyone around me told me I looked good, I still didn’t feel confident,” he said. “That was the biggest reason I chose Sono Bello.” 

The Procedure

Partnering with our Bellevue, WA team, Mikey decided to target the specific areas where he could never manage to lose the bulky fat from: His lower abdomen, lower back, and chest. Together with his surgeon, they decided that TriSculpt alone would resolve most of his mid-section concerns but ChestEX would offer him the best results on top. 

“I can’t say enough about how much I value the care, value, time, and expertise that the team brought,” he said. “The team is great – just talk to them and they’ll help make the process easy and work FOR YOU.” 

Sono Bello’s ChestEX is a male chest reduction procedure that is perfect for tackling gynecomastia. Gynecomastia (commonly referred to as “man boobs”) is an enlargement of the male breast, most often caused by an imbalance of the testosterone-estrogen ratio. Up to 30 percent of men experience gynecomastia in their lives and unfortunately, diet and exercise are not always effective treatments.

ChestEX is effective, safe, and straightforward. As the enlargement is often due to an increase in fatty tissue and actual breast tissue, the treatment involves a combination of liposuction and/or direct excision of the glandular tissue. 

One Month Later

“Today, I feel incredible,” he said. “I feel confident, I feel sexy, I feel handsome. There are so many things about the way my body looks today that give me ambition and drive.” 

Only one month after his procedure, Mikey is ready to show everyone his new body. In this short time, he’s lost two pants sizes and feels comfortable in his fitted clothes again. This procedure gave him the confidence to continue his wellness journey and reignited his love for self-care.

“It helps to look in the mirror and see what you want, and like what you see,” he said. “It makes you want to take care of yourself.” 

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