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Michelle's Newfound Confidence

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“I needed a boost of confidence for my career and life. It’s working!”

When life gets complicated, it can be challenging to prioritize self-care. A personal crisis can quickly derail even the best-laid fitness and nutrition plans. Michelle discovered this firsthand when she experienced a very stressful period in her mid-30s.  

An upsetting custody battle, a full-time job, and the responsibility of looking after three children by herself consumed all of her attention. 

During this time, Michelle’s selflessness led her to put everyone’s needs above her own, and she neglected her health and happiness. Before long, this neglect resulted in weight gain, which only compounded her unhappiness.  

Beginning her self-improvement journey 

It was a tough climb back, but Michelle eventually made it through this dark time and onto a path toward a brighter future. She relied on her resolve and resilience and managed to emerge stronger on the other side.  

Finally feeling like herself again, Michelle refocused on things like diet and exercise. However, she also realized just how far off track she had gotten. There was a lot of work to be done if she wanted to achieve her ideal body. So, she got to work.  

Michelle began exercising regularly and observing a healthy diet. She made sure to stay hydrated, get enough rest, and avoid anything that might inhibit her progress. She was doing all the right things, and it didn’t take long to start seeing results.  

At first, the weight came off fast. At a certain point, though, Michelle felt like she was hitting a wall. As if her progress had slowed to a halt. She was still working hard, but the results just weren’t coming.  

Maybe it was her age, body type, metabolism, or some combination of genetic factors. Her body had been through multiple pregnancies, which can have lasting physical effects. Whatever the cause, something was impeding her from reaching her fitness goals.  

But she didn’t give up. Instead, Michelle decided to seek professional help.  

Why Sono Bello? 

After researching stubborn fat and how to treat it, Michelle decided to visit Sono Bello for a consultation. Our patient education team helped her understand her options and what Sono Bello could do for her. They made her feel comfortable and gave her all of the information she needed to make an informed decision. Michelle says that she knew that she had found her solution right away.  

About her surgery  

Michelle began with a facial rejuvenation operation, and she was so happy with this initial surgery that she returned shortly after for laser lipo. 

Michelle had our patented TriSculpt procedure on her abs, thighs, upper arms, and chin at her follow-up appointment.

Life after lipo

Michelle is now five years post-op, and her results still look amazing! If you wonder if liposuction is a lasting solution to stubborn fat, just look at Michelle today.

Michelle still fits into the size of jeans that she wore before her first child was born! She feels great about her appearance, saying, “Since my procedures, I smile more, laugh more, and look in the mirror feeling excited and happy about myself.”  

This confidence has transferred over to all areas of her life, personal and professional. After her surgery, she started excelling in her career, decided to finish earning her degree, and pursued all sorts of new growth opportunities. She attributes much of this newfound happiness and confidence to her Sono Bello procedures. 

When she’s not busy with work, Michelle loves to go to the beach, go out to dinner, and take walks along the boardwalk. She says, “I can comfortably wear bikinis and sundresses. My waist is smaller. My hips are bigger. I am a different woman, and my confidence soared beyond belief!” 

For anyone considering liposuction, Michelle says, “This procedure will boost your confidence and reshape you. That said, you must keep up with your diet and exercise to maintain your results as well as keep up your mental improvement.” 

If Michelle’s story made you feel inspired to begin a Sono Bello transformation of your own, we invite you to schedule a free consultation whenever you’re ready. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.

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