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Nathan's Complete Lifestyle 180

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Nathan’s decision to get liposuction surgery was a part of a larger resolution that he made to be healthier. He was tired of feeling unhappy with the way he looked and felt. The body-shaming that he experienced damaged his self-confidence and the physical burden of being overweight made everyday tasks challenging. To boost his mental and physical health, he knew that it was time to make a change. As he puts it, it was time for a “full lifestyle 180.” 

Beginning his self-improvement journey  

Nathan started dieting, running, and even quitting smoking. He was totally committed to optimizing his lifestyle and habits. And it paid off! He began to lose weight and feel healthier.  

However, as the weeks wore on, he noticed that there was still a mass of excess fat and skin around his midsection that he couldn’t burn off. This stubborn layer of fat cells wasn’t responding to his diet or workout routine. So, he started researching medical treatment options and found that liposuction is the most effective way to permanently remove fat. 

Why Sono Bello? 

Nathan wanted his fat removed in a way that would leave his skin looking smooth and toned. When he saw that our laser liposuction and AbEX procedures were designed for optimum skin-tightening results, he knew it was the right solution for him.  

He also felt encouraged by the preliminary conversations that he had with our support and education teams during his consultation process. As soon as he walked into our clinic in Westerville, OH, he says he, “felt like family.”  

This confirmed in his mind Sono Bello was the right place to handle his body transformation. He scheduled his surgery shortly after and says it was “the best decision I could have made.” 

About the surgery 

Nathan’s liposuction procedure was divided into two parts. First, he had his upper abs, sides, and back done. Then, he had his lower abs, pelvis, and AbEX operation done. To ensure the best possible experience, we limit the areas that patients can have operated on to three per session. This is meant to set the patient up for a successful recovery period by not overwhelming their body with too much at once. The surgeries went flawlessly, and Nathan says that the results were “life-changing.”  

The road to recovery 

After both of his appointments were completed, Nathan spent some time resting and recovering. Then, once he felt comfortable moving around, he gradually resumed his workout routine. For Nathan, liposuction was not the end of his body transformation, but an important step in the process. He wanted to use it as a jumping-off point to continue his fitness journey and keep improving his body. 

Life after lipo 

Nathan’s goal was to look and feel better, and he certainly accomplished that. He’s down 45 pounds and counting. His life has improved in ways that he didn’t even see coming when he began his “lifestyle 180.” Everything from being able to sit comfortably in airplane seats to be able to stay on his feet longer at work. Even things like shopping and going to the gym are easier now. It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they consciously decide to make healthy changes in their lives. It’s not always easy, but in the end, it’s worth it.  

For Nathan, his significant other, and their circle of family and friends, this positive change in his life has been a beautiful thing. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next! 

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