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It's National Relaxation Day!

A whole day dedicated to relaxing? Now that’s something we can get behind! Relaxation is an important part of self care. While eating right and exercising regularly are crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can be easy to get caught up in calorie counting and fitness tracking. Don’t forget to cut yourself a break and give your body a rest from time to time. You don’t have to shell out a ton of money for a fancy spa day; check out our ideas for easy and affordable ways to relax and pamper yourself.

Go For a Walk

One of the easiest ways to reset your mind is to simply head outside for a walk. Fresh air and sunlight are great for your state of mind, and you’ll get the added benefit of endorphins from getting your body moving.

Have Breakfast in Bed

Instead of eating a granola bar as you run out the door to work, set your alarm a little earlier so you have time for a leisurely breakfast. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you feel calmly sipping coffee in bed rather than spilling it on your lap in the car.

Pet Some Puppies

Make some time to visit your local humane society. Most shelters have visiting hours, or better yet look into volunteering for a few hours. You can get some puppy snuggles in while helping a good cause.

Stretch it Out

Take a yoga class to refresh your body and mind. You can also find an instructional video online and have your own class at home. Draw the curtains and put on some relaxing music to get the full experience.

Take a Nap

When’s the last time you took a nap? A quick 20 minute power nap during the day can be incredibly refreshing and leave you feeling ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Do Nothing

Blow off your responsibilities for the afternoon. Try to put your list of to-dos out of your mind, and simply do nothing. Curl up on the couch and watch Netflix, read a book, or just enjoy the feeling of not having to be anywhere or do anything.

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