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New Moisturizing Products You’ll Love in 2015

To answer the needs of busy women to moisturize and refresh while on the go, beauty and skincare companies are coming up with ever more innovative and creative solutions to integrating moisturizers into everyday products. We’ve selected some of their best products that we think you won’t want to live without. Many of these feature the latest moisturizer darling: argan oil.

Argan oil is turning up just about everywhere – and for good reason: cruelty-conscious consumers who are looking for plant-based alternatives to animal sources of moisturizing ingredients have discovered the benefits of argan oil.

Found mainly in Morocco where it also has food uses, this squalene-rich oil is quickly and easily absorbed as it reduces the damage done by drying wind and indoor room temperatures by replenishing skin and hair in need of its moisturizing and healing emollients. You’ll find argan oil in some of the hair care products

Garnier’s line of hair care products feature Moroccan argan oil as a key ingredient. Unlike some products containing lanolin and other heavier oils, argan is easily absorbed by each strand leaving hair shiny soft with no greasy residue while leaving hair easy to style and controlling frizz.

To make moisturizing and detangling hair even easier, Cricket offers brushes infused with argan oil as well as combs containing keratin and coconut oil. Every brushstroke delivers nourishing oils to wind and sun-damaged hair while their line of styling irons offer infusions of argan, tourmaline and keratin for additional nourishing protection.

The growing prevalence of oils in beauty products also extends to nails: Dadi’ organic oils use 21 pure essential oils, including clarifying rosemary and bergamot and soothing lavender) to fragrance a mix of jojoba, avocado and vitamin E oils that nourish and protect damaged nails and cuticles.

Tired of ‘dry shampoo’ products that strip hair of precious oils while leaving behind clumpy residue? Those days are over with Mitch Stone’s Essentials Hair Cleansing and Refreshing Spray set to be released early in 2015 – spray throughout hair and let it work its magic removing excess oils and grime while leaving hair looking clean, soft and lightly fragrant.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy the soothing benefits of a clay mask while on the go? Clayspray combines a clay mask with a spray emulsion formula including exfoliating and energizing white clay, ginseng, cacao and aloe vera with a dual chamber canister for green tea and spring water as a before or after complement to the mask.


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