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Nubia’s Life has Completely Changed

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As a busy working mom, Nubia naturally found it difficult to maintain perfect physical shape. There are only so many hours in a day, and when most of those hours are spent either at the office or at home, it’s hard to set aside time for the gym.  

She still made an effort to live an active lifestyle and eat a healthy diet, but it was never quite enough to get her where she wanted to be. Her dream body was always just out of reach. Even when she managed to lose a few pounds here and there, they would always eventually come creeping back.  

Beginning her self-improvement journey 

Tired of seeing her weight fluctuate, Nubia started focusing even harder on her diet. And she experienced some success! At one point, she was able to drop more than ten pounds.  

However, she quickly realized that weight loss wasn’t the only barrier standing between her and her goals. She also struggled with problem areas where stubborn fat was especially tough to burn off.  

Whether this was due to her body type, metabolism, or some combination of genetic factors, no amount of dieting seemed to affect these regions. At this point, she realized that she could lose twenty pounds and those areas likely wouldn’t slim down.  

Stubborn fat is an unfortunate reality for many people and targeting individual areas of the body with diet and exercise is almost impossible.  

So, Nubia decided to seek professional help. 

Why Sono Bello?  

As she began researching treatments to remove her stubborn fat safely and effectively, she came up with a shortlist of requirements. First, the operation had to be minimally invasive. Given her busy schedule, she didn’t want to spend too much time recovering from surgery. Second, the provider had to be somewhat local. She didn’t want to have to fly somewhere or take a road trip to a faraway facility.  

Fortunately, Sono Bello met both of these requirements! Our liposuction procedures are performed by skilled surgeons using the industry’s latest technology. They remove fat with laser precision, which allows patients to recover quickly. The full healing process takes several weeks to complete, but many patients are able to return to work in a matter of days.  

We also have an office within miles of where Nubia lives in Houston, TX. So, she wouldn’t have to take a flight or a long drive anywhere.  

About the surgery 

Nubia had her upper abs, lower abs, waist, and hips operated on. She also had our AbEX procedure done to flatten and tone her abdomen. This tummy tuck alternative is a great option for patients who want to have fat and excess, sagging skin removed from their belly.  

Life after lipo 

Since having her surgery, Nubia feels significantly better about herself and more confident in her body. She never knew that she could look this good and says, “This procedure really was an eye-opener for me. I know that this is only the beginning of my journey, and my life has completely changed.” 

She looks forward to continuing her progress and can’t wait to wear a two-piece bathing suit this summer. For anyone considering having liposuction, Nubia’s advice is, “Do it! Invest in yourself. The results are real, and the procedure is easier to get done than you’d think.” 

If Nubia’s story inspired you to begin a Sono Bello transformation of your own, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. It’s your life; live it beautifully.  

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