Getting Her Old Body Back: Olivia’s Sono Bello Story

Olivia Kee’s journey to earning her dream body started with a single YouTube ad for Sono Bello.

When she saw the ad, it felt like a sign. She’d already been considering some type of body sculpting treatment for two years but hadn’t found the right method or provider.

Over those two years, in an attempt to lose the stubborn fat on her stomach and waist, Olivia tested various diets and exercise routines. She first tried the military diet ⁠— an uber-low-calorie diet craze that promises hyper-fast results ⁠— to no avail. Then, she got a personal trainer.

But the fat wasn’t coming off as quickly or even as much as she desired ⁠— despite all the hard work, energy, and time she was putting in.

Determined to persevere, Olivia continued to regularly work out and eat healthily. While she did see some general weight loss results, her “belly pudge” ⁠— the problem area that made her the most insecure ⁠⁠— just wouldn’t go away.

“I just really wanted to look like myself again. I wore a dress three years ago and want to get back into it because I love it,” reveals Olivia.

Olivia found herself frustrated by her own lack of progress and overwhelmed by the amount of cosmetic fat loss options on the market. Finally, she vowed that it was time to take the next step toward changing her body and life.

“I looked at places in Miami, [but couldn’t find a provider that offered exactly what I wanted] ⁠— which was treatment on the stomach only,” says Olivia.

“Also, I wanted the fat gone. Not just transferred!” she says.

Unable to locate reputable options that fit her criteria and promised the desired results, Olivia felt defeated.

But then, she remembered Sono Bello.

“I believe in the theory that if you see something three times, it’s for you,” says Olivia. “I kept seeing videos [featuring Sono Bello] and then a friend went there and had a great experience. So that was my tipping point!”

Olivia wanted to get micro-laser liposuction at the end of the year to fuel a powerful fresh start in the new year. She had TriSculpt on her upper and lower abdomen and waist at Sono Bello’s Tysons Corner, Virginia facility in December 2020.

“I was nervous about the procedure, and I was surprised that you’re awake during it. But I don’t remember anything about it… I fell asleep! I was so glad to not feel anything,” says Olivia.

Now that she’s in recovery and has already made some amazing fat loss progress, Olivia says she’s so excited to wear the cute dresses she hasn’t fit into in years.

“I’m also looking ahead to my 30th birthday redo,” shares Olivia. “I had a ‘Pandemic Birthday’ last year and now I have my “new” old body [to show off]!”

She’s also looking forward to traveling and buying tons of new clothes to fit her new-and-improved body.

“It’s just so great to feels like me again,” says Olivia.

To anyone who is considering Sono Bello, but isn’t sure if they should take the plunge, Olivia offers this advice:

“Go for it! It’s definitely worth it, as it’s a slow progression to see results. Slow and steady wins the race!”

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