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Sooyoung Wanted to Look Better for His Wife

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Sooyoung was always self-conscious about his stomach. He wasn’t overweight by any means, but a stubborn layer of abdominal fat made his belly stick out in a way that he found embarrassing.  

He tried dieting and exercising but still couldn’t manage to flatten his abs. Since the shapes of our bodies are determined mainly by genetics, this is not an uncommon story. Most Sono Bello patients report having done everything in their power to achieve the body that they want naturally but simply can’t due to factors beyond their control.  

Sooyoung hit the limit of what he could achieve on his own. Despite his best efforts, he still felt and looked bloated.  

His friends certainly didn’t help him feel better about it. As is often typical of male friends, they chose to joke about Sooyoung’s insecurities instead of assuaging them. They made fun of him for looking “pregnant,” which discouraged him from taking his shirt off in public, damaged his ego, and reduced his self-confidence.  

Sooyoung felt unattractive, which began to affect his relationship with his wife. Of course, his wife loves him for who he is. However, it’s still nice to feel as though your partner finds you physically appealing. Most married people can relate to this sentiment.  

Finally fed up with feeling poorly about his body, Sooyoung decided to seek professional help. After a preliminary consultation, he scheduled an appointment to have liposuction performed on his stomach and waist.  

Sooyoung is now six months post-op, and – as you can see from his picture – the results are phenomenal. He is down 20 pounds and has shrunk his waistline by 3 inches! His abs are perfectly flat, and any scars from the surgery have healed completely.  

It’s safe to say that Sooyoung’s Sono Bello transformation was precisely what he hoped it would be. He says, “I am so happy, and my wife is so happy for me!”  

Now that he looks and feels better, he’s excited to go out and do fun things with his wife. “I can’t wait to go outdoors without my shirt on. Or go on dates wearing tighter clothes that don’t make me look fat anymore. I feel so healthy and energized.” 

Sooyoung has maintained his results by eating healthy, not overeating, working out, and drinking lots of water. He also says that he’s “quit drinking soda 100%,” which we commend him on.

If you’re interested in overcoming your self-consciousness and achieving a new body as Sooyoung did, we invite you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best. 

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