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Stacie Went with Sono Bello Because She Wanted “Real Results”

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Stacie had been considering liposuction on and off for several years. As a working mom, she needed to find a minimally invasive procedure that would allow her to return to her busy life as quickly as possible. When she discovered Sono Bello, she knew it was the right match. “I really loved the concept of TriSculpt® micro-laser liposuction because I wouldn’t have to be put under anesthesia during the surgery.” Typically, surgeries that don’t require patients to be asleep cause less trauma to the body and therefore require less time to heal.  

 In addition to a speedy recovery, Stacie also said, “I loved the real-life results that I saw in the before and after shots on the website. The fat loss that women like me were able to achieve made me feel like it was a more realistic kind of procedure and not a complete remodeling of my whole body.” 

Stacie was not overweight by any measure. She just felt unsatisfied with the shape of her body, something that we can all relate to on some level. She felt specifically self-conscious about the pockets of stubborn fat surrounding her abdomen and waist. She tried dieting and working out to burn off these fat deposits, but a combination of genetics and a slow metabolism made it difficult for her to “spot reduce” her problem areas. After exhausting all of her options, she decided that it was finally time to have her belly professionally – and permanently – slimmed down.  

She went in for a free consultation at our Troy, Michigan location and left feeling confident and optimistic about her Sono Bello journey. According to Stacie, Nicole, the member of our team with whom she spoke, “made everything smooth and never treated me like dollar signs. She made me feel like I was human, and my concerns should be validated. While I truly enjoyed this whole experience, Nicole was my favorite part.”  

Feeling validated and supported, Stacie booked an appointment that day, saying, “I chose to get a Sono Bello operation because I finally wanted to look like how I felt on the inside: beautiful, confident, and strong.”  

Her surgery went flawlessly. She had all of her procedures done on a Friday and was back at work on Monday. Aside from some minor discomfort (a natural part of the healing process), Stacie says she feels great! She even has more energy because of her enhanced confidence. Everybody has been highly complimentary of her new body, and she’s even convinced a couple of her family members to begin Sono Bello transformations of their own. 

Overall, Stacie feels much more confident and comfortable in her skin, which is something that everybody deserves to feel. Your health and happiness are worth investing in, and we’re here to help you reach your goals. If Stacie’s story resonated with you at all, we highly encourage you to schedule a free consultation at your closest Sono Bello location today and discover what liposuction has to offer you. After all, it’s your life; live it beautifully.  

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