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Stephanie Proves that Hard Work Pays Off

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Stephanie is a mother, writer, photographer, fitness enthusiast, and DIY home improvement expert from Kentucky. Her days are typically spent building, painting, crafting, blogging, and running around barefoot with her kids at their beautiful countryside home.  

Before she became a mom, Stephanie was a lifelong athlete and powerlifter. The long hours that she spent in the gym and on the field gave her a solid, muscular frame. However, as she gradually retired from sports and emerged into adult life, this solid frame started to border on bulky.  

She remained active, but between her work and her kids, it was hard to maintain the athletic intensity of her younger years. As a result, she struggled to maintain a physical appearance that brought her joy. 

Beginning her self-improvement journey 

Tired of seeing her ideal body slip farther and farther out of reach, Stephanie decided to overhaul her fitness routine and attack her workouts with renewed energy.  

Given the fact that she was already an active person, this was less of a beginning and more of a continuation of her journey. That said, her decision to level up her fitness regimen represented a fresh start.  

She introduced HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises to her rotation, continued lifting weights, ratcheted up her cardio, and stretched often to avoid injury. She was a woman on a mission, and it didn’t take long to start seeing results.  

As the weeks went on and she kept up her hard work, the pounds began to fly off. Eventually, she was down 50 pounds from where she started. It’s amazing what people can accomplish with a positive attitude and a sense of purpose.  

But even at this point, after such a significant milestone, she wasn’t done quite yet.  

Why Sono Bello? 

Through diet, exercise, discipline, and belief, Stephanie was able to lose 50 pounds. However, weight loss manifests differently for every person. In other words, some areas of the body hold on to weight – specifically fat cells – more dogmatically than others. Stephanie still had a few of these problem areas where stubborn layers of fat refused to burn off.  

She knew that she had already done all she could do on her own, so she decided to schedule a liposuction consultation with Sono Bello at our Indianapolis office. She reached her weight loss goal, but in order to really achieve her dream body, she needed help from professionals. It was a reward to herself and an investment in her health and happiness.  

About her surgery  

The areas of her body that Stephanie had done were her waist, upper ads, lower abs, upper arms, back, and bra roll. The surgery went smoothly, and she was a fantastic patient. Given how much progress Stephanie made on her own, reducing her problem areas really felt like putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece.  

Life after lipo 

To follow along with Stephanie’s post-op experience in real-time, we encourage you to follow her Instagram. But as of writing this blog, her life after the surgery is going smoothly. She feels more confident in her appearance and more confident in herself. 

She set her mind to achieving a goal and she achieved it. The process of getting to the finish line may have been tough but she made it through. We’re happy that we were able to play a small part in getting her to such a happy and healthy place.  

With spring and summer approaching, Stephanie is excited to show off her new body. She says, “I cannot wait to wear tank tops without feeling self-conscious of my arms. I’m going to a concert with some girlfriends and bought a sleeveless, backless top that I plan to strut in.” 

In her work, Stephanie is always promoting self-care and self-love, we believe her recent body transformation is proof that she practices what she preaches. 

If Stephanie’s story made you feel inspired to begin a Sono Bello journey of your own, we invite you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. It’s your life; live it beautifully.  

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