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The Best Facial Mask For Your Skin Type

Treat yourself to a facial mask to perk up tired skin, moisturize dry skin, banish acne or dullness, and treat yourself to an affordable mini luxury. Here are our top picks for facial mask based on your skin type.


Best facial masks for dry skin

Dry skin desperately craves moisture, and there is no better way to rehydrate your skin than to use a facial mask. For the end of summer, nothing soothes dry skin quite like an aloe mask. Rich in vitamins, aloe vera soothes inflammation, repairs sun damage, and rehydrates your skin.

Hyaluoric acid masks are perfect for anytime use. They restore the skin’s supply of hyaluoric acid, a naturally occurring skin acid that restores the smooth, lustrous tone of your skin. After one treatment, your skin will feel soft and luscious.

If you have dry, sensitive skin, steer clear of clay or mud masks, which can be too harsh.


Best facial masks for oily skin

Oily skin benefits from masks that blot up the extra oil and clean out the pores by drawing out gunk that may be blocking pores. The best options here are clay and mud, which do a major number on your pores without drying out your skin to an unhealthy degree.


Best facial masks for dull skin

If your skin has lost its luster, odds are that you have a layer of dead skin that needs to come off before you can really shine. In this case, we recommend an exfoliating mask that will remove the dead skin while restoring and rehydrating the skin cells underneath. Look for a face mask with natural fruit enzymes, which gently polish the skin.

When applying this product, take care not to use too much pressure as that can damage the skin.


Best facial masks for normal or combination skin

While combination skin can be difficult to care for in some situations, there are actually a range of facial masks that work for this type of skin. If you experience seasonal dryness or oily skin, use the recommended masks for those skin types to treat your needs.

Sheet masks can also be a fun and effective treatment option for combination skin, as they are one-time only. This way, you can try a new mask every week until you find your go-to face mask.

Normal skin is easy to treat, as you can use any mask you like!

Do you have a particular face mask that you swear by? Spill your favorites in the comments.

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