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Who Needs a Gym Card?

To say I love working out, would be a complete and total lie. I feel amazing after working out, I feel energized after working out, and at time I even feel happier after working out. However, the actual act of getting myself out of my cozy bed or off of my comfy couch to the gym (which is actually on my street…and that’s saying something) is torturous. Not to mention the hour (at the very least) I spend actually working out and getting my muscles to function and butt lifted. It’s tedious and repetitive.

At times, I do not notice the time go by (which is heaven). Of course those times are due to the television being turned on to my favorite television shows like ‘Modern Family.’ I get lost in my head, time flies, and before I even know it the exercising has been completed. However, in NYC it is had to get your channel turned on (let alone turned on in front of your machine to actually watch).

I wish I could exercise in the comfort of my own home and TV, but my NYC apartment is not really equipped to handle dumbbells (let alone an elliptical machine for my cardio needs).

Luckily I have discovered a few alternatives to working out at home, saving money and not being so bored with the same, old work out routine.

#1. Since 90% of NYC apartments are walk-ups, the cheapest and best cardio is running up and down the five or whatever flight of stairs your building may have. It may not be glamorous, but it definitely gets the job done for a good booty and leg work out.

#2. Dancing is always a great work out. I never truly got into the Zumba craze, but I did love the Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease DVDs. The girl has abs! Personally after less than a week, I felt the burn. It was amazing, and I highly recommend putting a little fun and sexiness in your work out.

#3. There is of course yoga for a more relaxing and flexible workout. There are about five hundred websites and DVDs that can show you basic poses to do at home while playing your favorite music or watching TV, and yoga mat are a fairly cheaper expense than the $30 dollar classes at a yoga studio (where you are competing for space that even NYC apartments have more of).

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