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Why is Liposuction so Successful?

You’ve probably seen the amazing transformation photos from men and women who have had a liposuction procedure. Have you ever wondered if they’re too good to be true? We’re here to explain to you exactly why liposuction is so successful and produces such great results!

Weight loss through diet and exercise alone can be tough. Some people struggle to see results at all, while others make initial progress but soon gain the weight back. The reason behind this has to do with the fat cells in your body. As an adult, you have a finite number of fat cells that you will have throughout your adult life.

Through diet and exercise alone, you may be able to shrink the size of these fat cells, but you will never be able to get rid of them altogether. It can be easy to regain the weight you have lost, because the fat cells are still there.

What liposuction does that diet and exercise alone can’t, is actually remove those stubborn fat cells. After a liposuction procedure, your body will have fewer fat cells than you started with. When you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly after liposuction, you have fewer fat cells to battle. These cells may still grow and shrink, but you have fewer overall to contend with.

We always encourage Sono Bello patients to see liposuction as a jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle. When someone has been struggling with their weight for a long time, they can often get discouraged. They may be ready to give up on their health and happiness. A liposuction procedure can often provide they boost they have needed. The faster results can serve as motivation to move forward with healthy eating and regular exercise.

At Sono Bello, we describe this as “teamwork” between the patient and doctor. When a patient is ready to make a change, Sono Bello can get them off to a great start with an in improvement. It’s then up to the patient to continue on to the finish line. With help from Sono Bello and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, it really is possible to achieve the amazing results you see in those before and after images!


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