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Zephaniah Lost 3 Inches in 3 Days

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Zephaniah is a busy, working mother of two who struggled to get her pre-baby body back even after trying every diet and exercise fad she could find. For many mothers, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t yield the desired results because excess skin cannot be combated with healthy food.

While many patients begin their journey by asking questions, Zephaniah came to Sono Bello knowing what she was looking for. After a year of research, Zephaniah knew she wanted to get AbEX to target the fat from her pregnancy and remove the excess skin from her midsection all at once.

“When I was doing my research, I realized there weren’t many women out there sharing their journeys or recovery experiences so I wanted to help spread awareness,” she said.

Why Sono Bello

Zephaniah chose to visit Sono Bello because of the benefits AbEX offers over a traditional tummy tuck. She found comfort in the localized anesthesia, which allows patients to be awake the entire time and reduces recovery time compared to traditional tummy tucks.

With little ones running around, she needed an option that would let her get back to work and activities with her kids as soon as possible.

To give her the results she wanted, Zephaniah partnered with our San Antonio, TX team and decided that targeting the upper and lower abdomen, waist, and hips would smooth out her entire midsection and leave her with the waist contour she was looking for.

Post-Surgery Update

Zephaniah is only 60 days post-op from her AbEX procedure. While some swelling still needs to go down, she was stunned at the results she noticed on day one.

By day three, she was shocked: “The night before surgery, I was 39 inches around my stomach, and then on post-op day three, I was 36 inches,” she said. “I still have some swelling, but I’m excited to see my end result!”

For others considering AbEX, Zephaniah has this advice: “Go for it! Who cares what other people think or have to say,” she said. “Make an investment in yourself and in your body.”

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