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Angela’s Self-Esteem Went from a 5 to a 10

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Angela is a pastor, content creator, lifestyle influencer, home decorator, and fashion guru. She’s also a loving wife and mother of four children. In other words, she’s very busy.  Dedicating her days to helping people improve their lives both physically and spiritually is time well spent in her opinion. To check out her impressive work, visit her YouTube and Instagram pages.  

Beginning her self-improvement journey

Angela’s packed schedule often meant that she didn’t have much time for herself. Particularly when it came to staying in shape. For years, she tried to maintain a healthy diet and exercise when she had a free hour or two, but still, her fitness goals eluded her.  

Her weight was perfectly normal, but there was a layer of stubborn fat around her midsection that refused to burn off. She was unhappy and frustrated by the fact that her hard work wasn’t paying off, so she decided to research surgical options for removing the stubborn fat cells permanently.  

Why Sono Bello 

Angela felt comfortable with the idea of liposuction, but she didn’t like the idea of taking extended time off work to recover after the operation. Using vacation days just to relax in bed healing from the surgery wasn’t something that she was eager to do. So, when she saw that Sono Bello’s minimally invasive liposuction procedure required very little downtime post-operation, she knew that it was at least worth looking into.  

She also said that she felt like “Sono Bello really cares about your overall health,” which she found comforting. So, she scheduled a consultation at our office in Tampa, FL, and was encouraged by what she learned from our patient education team. Shortly after the consultation, she decided to book an appointment to finally get the fat removed from her problem areas.  

About the surgery 

Angela’s operation was mainly focused on her upper and lower abs (the belly and pelvis). She also got her hips and love handles done to complete an even slimming of her midsection. The surgery went perfectly and, when it was over, we were able to take 10 inches off her waist and 6 inches off her belly! Right away, her transformation was remarkable. 

The road to recovery 

As expected, Angela was back to work shortly after her surgery. The healing process took a couple of weeks to complete, but she was back on her feet and feeling good almost immediately. She says, “After my surgery, my self-esteem went from a 5 to a 10.” 

Life after lipo 

With her recovery process complete, Angela feels like a whole new woman. She says, “I’m happier, more secure in my appearance, and enjoy trying new things with my family. I’m excited to wear a bathing suit on the beach or at the pool. I look forward to wearing sexy clothes for my husband.” She’s also excited to participate in activities with her family like zip-lining, kayaking, and hiking. 

At 51, Angela feels better than she has in years. She’s full of energy and optimism, ready to spread positivity at work and at home. For anyone looking to get a liposuction procedure for themselves, Angela’s advice is to “trust the process and educate yourself on what you will need pre/post-op. Also, remember that this is body contouring and not weight loss surgery. You will have to make some lifestyle adjustments before and after the surgery to get the best results.” 

If Angela’s story inspired you to begin a Sono Bello transformation of your own, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation today! 

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